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Current State of Aquatic Plant Management in Florida

FREE Webinar!! Panelists from various local and state agencies will discuss aquatic plant management in Florida, especially the current state of management through herbicides.

FLMS State Programmatic Lake Management Webinar

Lake Vegetation Index Survey Results for Florida DEP Reference Lakes, Nia Wellendorf M.S. Using the Watershed Information Network (WIN), Denise Miller Using Water-CAT to Find Water Data and Make Yours More Discoverable, Jan Allyn

FLMS Virtual Workshop: Algal Identification in the Environment

Part 1: Workshop Description: This workshop is designed as an introduction to the general groups of freshwater algae, their ecology and diversity. We will review key features distinguishing the major algal groups: cyanobacteria, chlorophytes, diatoms, dinoflagellates, red algae, euglenophytes, etc. and spend some time looking at specimens under the scope. Part 2:  Workshop Description: This workshop has a special focus on harmful and nuisance algae (focusing on cyanobacteria) in freshwater systems. We will dive into the ecology of both planktonic and benthic members of this group, while identifying major problematic taxa (genera and species). ...

FLMS HAB Control Webinar

Preliminary Evaluation of Nanobubblers to Improve Water Quality and Reduce Cyanobacteria Blooms, Patrick Goodwin Air Nanobubbles as a Chemical-Free Method for Algae Control, Christian Ference M.S. Laboratory-scale evaluation of algaecide effectiveness for control of microcystin-producing cyanobacteria from Lake Okeechobee, Florida, Dail Laughinghouse Ph.D. Effects of Glyphosate (Rodeo) on the Growth of Planktonic Cyanobacteria, Maximiliano Barbosa