Sponsored Student Program

Has the cost of your tuition, books, room and board pushed NALMS Student Membership out of reach?

This program provides students like you with a FREE membership through support from NALMS member donations. And as a sponsored student you will be eligible for the same member benefits as our paid student members.


Are you a College or University student working towards a degree related to lake and reservoir management? Awesome, you’re good to go!

NALMS will award you priority based on the following:

  1. Are you a first time applicant? NALMS gives you top priority. NALMS ranks top priority applicants as first come, first served.
  2. Are you a current student member who has not applied before? NALMS gives you second priority. NALMS ranks second priority applicants by the number of years a member.
  3. Are you a current student member who has received a sponsorship before? NALMS gives you third priority. NALMS ranks third priority applicants by the number of times awarded.

After you apply NALMS will place you on a waiting list until we have reviewed all applications for the period. Please note that your sponsored membership is subject to the availability of donor funds. Your application does not guarantee membership. Please fill out the form below to apply: