Our Mission

To forge partnerships among citizens, scientists, and professionals to foster the management and protection of lakes and reservoirs for today and tomorrow.

NALMS is not focused on professionals, academic researchers, or any smaller interest group alone. Rather NALMS is a melting pot, welcoming anyone interested in lakes.

NALMS goals are:

  1. To promote the exchange of information on aspects of managing lakes and their watersheds.
  2. To promote public awareness of lake ecosystems.
  3. To encourage public support for promoting management of lakes and their watersheds.
  4. To provide guidance to agencies involved in management activities for lakes and their watersheds.
  5. To boost the professional status of those engaged in managing lakes and their watersheds.
  6. To identify needs and encourage research on lake ecology and watershed management.

Our History


With guidance from Ken Wagner, NALMS completes a Water Research Foundation grant preparing three manuals addressing water quality modeling, rapid water quality monitoring, and oxygenation and circulation as methods for improving raw water quality. NALMS takes over management of the Secchi Dip-In and hires intern. Symposium held in Saratoga Springs, New York, USA. Gene Welch receives Secchi Disk Award. Julie Chambers becomes President.


NALMS moves to new office space. NALMS facilitates National Monitoring Conference in Cincinnati, OH. Symposium held in Tampa, Florida, USA. Dennis Cooke receives Secchi Disk Award. Reed Green becomes President.


Symposium held in San Diego, California, USA. Mark Hoyer receives Secchi Disk Award. Terry McNabb becomes President.


NALMS facilitates the National Monitoring Conference in Portand, OR. The Source Water Collaborative (SWC) and NALMS join together to offer the fall issue of LakeLine dedicated to source water protection available through SWC’s website. Student Awards renamed “Jody Connor Student Awards.” Student Mentorship program launched. Symposium Fund established with generous donation from Dennis Cooke. NALMS writes letter detailing concern over the closure of the Experimental Lakes Area. Symposium held in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Harry Gibbons receives Secchi Disk Award. Ann Shortelle becomes President.


NALMS launches new website. Secchi Dip-In launches new website and social media presence. Eberhardt Memorial Student Fund created to benefit NALMS student members and honor the memory of Tom and Elinor Eberhardt. “Remote Sensing Methods for Lake Management” published. Symposium held in Spokane, Washington, USA. Dick Osgood receives Secchi Disk Award. Al Sosiak becomes President of NALMS.


NALMS facilitates the National Water Quality Monitoring Conference in Denver, CO. Students Council created and bylaws change ratified to convert one at-large director position to a Student At-Large director position. Symposium held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Roger Bachmann receives Secchi Disk Award. Bev Clark becomes President.


NALMS suspends Executive Director position. Board adopts position statement on toxic cyanobacterial blooms. “Technical Merit Award for Best Paper” renamed the “James LaBounty Award.” With an educational grant from BoatUS NALMS publishes series of four baseball card-sized invasive species cards. NALMS bylaws changed to add two at-large directors. Symposium held in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Steve Heiskary receives Secchi Disk Award. Mark Hoyer becomes President.


NALMS hires Membership Services Coordinator. Symposium held in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. Tom Conry receives Secchi Disk Award. Harry Gibbons becomes President.


NALMS hires Executive Director. Outstanding Corporation Award renamed the Jim Flynn Award in honor of Jim Flynn, a staunch supporter of NALMS since its inception. Symposium held in Orlando, Florida, USA. Tom Davenport receives Secchi Disk Award. Dick Osgood becomes President.


NALMS facilitates the National Water Quality Monitoring Conference in San Diego, CA. Symposium held in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Ann St. Amand receives Secchi Disk Award. Ken Wagner becomes President.


NALMS board adopts two position statements: “Watercraft Safety,” and “Aquatic Invasive Species.” Chapters disbanded in favor of an Affiliate member category. NALMS forms ad hoc committee on blue-green algal toxicity. The Symposium held in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Jeff Schloss receives Secchi Disk Award. Michael Martin becomes President.


NALMS Notes e-newsletter is born. The NALMS board adopts three policy statements: “Personal Watercraft,” “The Use of Alum for Lake Management,” and “Climate Change Impact on Lakes.” The Certification Committee adds the Certified Lake Professional (CLP) distinction. Symposium held in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Steve Colvin receives Secchi Disk Award. Gene Medley becomes President.


NALMS secures positions on the National Water Monitoring Council and the Advisory Committee for Water Information. NALMS expands “Lake Appreciation Week” to “Lake Awareness Month.” The Secchi Dip-In expands to all 50 states and eight provinces, with 1,375 waterbodies having five or more years of collected data. Symposium held in Mashantucket, Connecticut, USA. Ken Wagner receives Secchi Disk Award. Steve Heiskary becomes President.


Symposium held in Anchorage, Alaska, USA. NALMS is deemed to have a great effect on the Alaskan landscape as a 7.9 magnitude earthquake strikes just as the Symposium closes. Marty Kelly’s “Dr. K’s Glossary” column in LakeLine wraps up its eight-year run with the final term, “zoonoses.” Greg Searle receives Secchi Disk Award. Jeff Schloss becomes President.


NALMS works with the International Lakes Environment Committee (ILEC) to form World Lake Vision. NALMS partners with the American Institute of Biological Sciences and the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography to hire a national aquatic legislative policy director. Under EPA contract NALMS produces “Managing Lakes and Reservoirs” as an update to the popular “Lake and Reservoir Restoration Guidance Manual.” Symposium held in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Chris Holdren receives Secchi Disk Award. Steve Souza becomes President.


Symposium held in Miami, Florida, USA. Rough seas make for a “memorable” time Wednesday evening boat cruise. Neil Kamman wins the 20th Annual Clean Lakes Classic 5K. Bill Jones receives Secchi Disk Award. Steve Colvin becomes President.


Symposium held in Reno, Nevada, USA. Jim Flynn receives Secchi Disk Award. Larry Butler becomes President.


NALMS moves offices but remains in Madison, Wisconsin. Conference Coordinator hired. New NALMS logo created. Updated “Lake Management Products and Services Guide” published. Symposium held in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Lisa Conley receives Secchi Disk Award. Tom Conry becomes President.


Lakes Appreciation Week is born. Symposium held in Houston, Texas, USA. Jim Vennie receives Secchi Disk Award. Bill Jones becomes President.


“Your Lake & You” published. Recognizing that informed real estate agents can promote lake and watershed stewardship, NALMS develops Realtor Certification Program. Executive Director position discontinued and full-time office manager hired. NALMS launches first website. Symposium held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Bruce Wilson receives Secchi Disk Award. Chris Holdren becomes President.


Symposium held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Dan Canfield receives Secchi Disk Award. Lisa Conley becomes President.


Office moves to Madison, Wisconsin. Executive Director hired. Coordinated by Bob Carlson, 800 volunteers in six states collect lake transparency data during the 1st Secchi Dip-In. Symposium held in Orlando, Florida, USA. Jay Sauber receives Secchi Disk Award. Ken Reckhow becomes President.


Snowstorm of the century strands attendees of the 2nd Southeast Lakes Management Workshop hosted in Chattanooga, TN. “Lake Management Product & Services Guide” released. Symposium held in Seattle, Washington, USA. Jim LaBounty receives Secchi Disk Award. Bruce Wilson becomes President of NALMS.


Finances improve and NALMS retires all external debt. NALMS coordinates 1st Southeast Lake Management Conference at Kennesaw State College in Georgia. Two new regional director positions representing Canada added to the board. NALMS’ Lakes Standards Subcommittee releases “Developing Eutrophication Standards for Lakes and Reservoirs.” Symposium held in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Virginia Garrison receives Secchi Disk Award. Eugene Welch becomes President.


Office moves to Alachua, Florida. Finances continue to worsen and over 110 NALMS members provide support. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance program established. Symposium held in Denver, Colorado, USA. Dan Canfield becomes President. Richard Wedepohl receives Secchi Disk Award.


NALMS hits rough financial patch. New executive secretary hired to focus on fundraising. 2nd edition of “The Lake and Reservoir Restoration Guidance Manual” completed.Technical supplement “Monitoring Lake and Reservoir Restoration” published. Symposium held in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. Richard McVoy becomes President of NALMS. Bob Kirschner receives Secchi Disk Award.


Board approves certification plan to establish standards for the lake management profession.”Preliminary Report on Water Quality Standards for Lakes” published. 10,000 copies of “Lake and Reservoir Restoration Guidance Manual” shipped. Symposium held in Austin, Texas, USA. William Norris becomes President. Garth Redfield receives Secchi Disk Award.


“Lake and Reservoir Restoration Guidance Manual” published under contract with EPA. EPA awards NALMS $1.25 million Lake Assistance Grant to fund regional and state workshops. Symposium held in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Matthew Scott becomes President. Bill Funk receives Secchi Disk Award.


Graduate Student Scholarship/Intern Program established. “Management Guide for Lakes and Reservoirs” published. Symposium held in Orlando, Florida, USA. Ron Raschke becomes President. Donna Sefton receives Secchi Disk Award.


EPA awards NALMS $270,000 to prepare a lake restoration manual mandated by Congress. LakeLine accepts advertising. Symposium held in Portland, Oregon, USA. Richard Wedepohl becomes President of NALMS. Eben Chesebrough receives Secchi Disk Award.


NALMS publishes first book, “Starting and Building an Effective Lake Association.” Symposium held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA. Wayne Poppe becomes President. Bob Johnson receives Secchi Disk Award.


Executive secretary hired. LakeLine copyrighted and NALMS journal established. Symposium held in McAffee, New Jersey, USA. William Funk becomes President of NALMS.


NALMS office established in Merrifield, VA. Symposium held in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Eben Chesebrough becomes President of NALMS.


Clean Water Act re-authorized. Washington lobbyist notes, “NALMS refused to let it die.” Symposium held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Bob Johnson becomes President of NALMS.


No Symposium held in 1981 but Tom Gordon becomes NALMS President.

1980 – NALMS begins!

NALMS begins on September 10, 1980. Symposium held in Portland, Maine, USA. Dennis Cooke becomes NALMS President.