July is Lakes Appreciation Month!

You work and play on them. You drink from them. But do you really appreciate them? Growing population, development, and invasive species stress your local lakes, ponds, and reservoirs. All life needs water; let’s not take it for granted!

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Help make Lakes Appreciation Month great this year!

  • Get your governor to proclaim July as Lakes Appreciation Month.  Here’s how!
  • Pursue media coverage for your local Lakes Appreciation events.  Here’s how!
  • Join the Secchi Dip-In and help track water quality trends in your local lake or reservoir.
  • Utilize our fun, kid-friendly BINGO sheet (partnership with Earth Science Laboratories)! A perfect teaching tool that can be used year-round.
  • Share your stories, events, photos, videos, etc. on social media! This inspires your friends and families to do the same … and might even spread the news to someone unfamiliar with Lakes Appreciation Month. Be sure to use the hashtag #LakesAppreciation and tag NALMS! (We love to see your stories and lake photos.) Have you followed us on Facebook and Twitter yet?
  • Order your own tee-shirt Color-Ons’s!  Simply color the image, iron it onto a shirt, and wear to events and to your favorite lake to educate your friends and family about Lakes Appreciation Month.  Please visit the manufacturer’s website to place your order.
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Thank you to these states and/or districts for declaring July 2018 Lakes Appreciation Month!

And how about these ideas?

  • Organize a shoreline cleanup
  • Develop an educational self-guided lake tour
  • Organize a hike or biking event with a focus on your local lake
  • Reach out to a local restaurant about hosting a “Lakes Appreciation Night” with a percentage of the proceeds donated to your local lake association
  • Enjoy your local lake, pond, or reservoir with fun summertime activities, such as: boating, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, or rowing; swimming; SCUBA diving; fishing; or enjoying the natural scenery with friends and family
  • Help monitor your local waterbody or watershed
  • If you manage a lake, host an activity. Bring enough sampling gear, id keys and other materials for everyone to join in.
  • If you don’t manage a lake, ask your local lake agency about shadowing a lake manager for a day
  • Start a watershed storm drain stenciling program
  • Have your septic system pumped if you live close to a waterbody
  • Go birding or take pictures at a lake or pond
  • Tap into your artistic side and draw or paint a lake scene for your home or office. Be sure to send us a copy!
  • Organize a lake field trip for students


Thank you to our sponsors!