How to Get a Lakes Appreciation Month Proclamation

One way to spread the word about your Lakes Appreciation Month efforts is by getting a proclamation from your mayor or governor. This is often relatively easy, but it does require some preparation.



Governors and mayors receive many requests for proclamations and they often require that you submit your request at least a month in advance. The lead time varies from place to place.


Submitting Your Request

Many states now have online submission forms for proclamations,  but for states and cities that don’t you’ll want to send in a letter. Here’s a sample to get you started:

[Organization Name]


Dear [Name of official you’re requesting the proclamation from]:

[Organization Name], along with [State/City] voters, calls on you to pledge your support for lakes in the month of July. July is Lakes Appreciation Month and during this month the goal is to promote the value of clean lakes and reservoirs. We hope that you will help us meet this goal by taking a stand for healthy lakes in [State/City].

Your support will send a strong message about the importance of lakes in [State/City]. As you know, lakes provide drinking water, energy, food, and the means for sport and play. [State/City]’s lakes are important to economic growth, they add to your water reserves, ease the rate and severity of floods, and impact your local climate. Caring for the health of your lakes defends the animals and plants that depend on them, including humans!

[Add some specifics about local importance of lakes and reservoirs.]

The US EPA’s National Lake Assessment notes that poor near shore habitat, too many nutrients, invasive plants and animals, and other issues put our lakes at risk today. Despite these conditions, budgets have been cut in the very programs that protect lakes. In light of these issues, we ask for your help to promote Lakes Appreciation Month and to protect lakes in [State/City].

You can take action! Here’s how:

• You can state that July [Year] is Lakes Appreciation Month in [State/City]. Please see the examples included with this letter.
• You can work with your state agencies, legislature, and environmental groups to secure funds for programs that protect your lakes from the many threats they face.
• You can reach out to our members of Congress and ask that they support laws on the national level that protect and fund lake programs.

With many other difficulties facing our country, it is easy to lose sight of these issues. You can be a beacon that reminds all states and their citizens that lakes are important. Thank you in advance for your support for Lakes Appreciation Month and for protecting the lakes of [State/City].


[Your Name]


[Insert Co-Signers Here]


Sample Proclamation Language

Most states and cities will ask you to provide the language for the proclamation itself. Here’s a sample:

WHEREAS, lakes and reservoirs are among [STATE NAME]’s most valuable natural resources; and

WHEREAS, lakes and reservoirs provide drinking water, irrigation, energy, recreation, scenic beauty, and habitat for wildlife; and

WHEREAS, these beneficial uses have been of vital importance to [STATE NAME]’s history, growth, and financial health; and

WHEREAS, our lakes and reservoirs improve the quality of life for all of [STATE NAME]’s residents and their importance should not go unnoticed; and

WHEREAS, the State of [STATE NAME] recognizes the need to protect these lakes and reservoirs for future generations;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, [GOVERNOR’S NAME], Governor of the State of [STATE NAME], do hereby proclaim July 20xx as LAKES APPRECIATION MONTH in the State of [STATE NAME], and invite all citizens to take due note of the observance.