Libraries Love Lakes

Libraries Love Lakes is an outreach project which pairs school and public libraries with lake scientists to provide collaborative programming emphasizing the importance of lakes in our everyday lives.

Why libraries?

Libraries offer a chance to engage a wide variety of people who may have little knowledge of the ecosystem services provided by lakes. By providing libraries with programming & event resources, we hope to encourage a lifelong appreciation of lakes in their patrons.

Libraries Love Lakes is a collaborative project. If you are interested in organizing a Libraries Love Lakes event, email

Origins of Libraries Love Lakes

The Libraries Love Lakes outreach project was started in April 2019 following a NE GLEON meeting. NE GLEON (Global Lake Ecological Observation Network) is a group of GLEON members from northeastern North America.

Libraries Love Lakes was inspired by members of the NE GLEON outreach working group who wanted to “put lakes on everyone’s radar”.

In 2019, NALMS partnered with Libraries Loves Lakes to bring the project to a broader audience in conjunction with Lakes Appreciation Month.

Let’s get lakes on everyone’s radar! #LibrariesLoveLakes