NALMS Executive Committee

Frank Wilhelm (President)

Frank earned his BS and MS degrees from Trent University, and a PhD from the University of Alberta. After a NSERC post-doc at the University of Otago in New Zealand, he joined the faculty at Southern Illinois University in 2001. In 2007, he moved to the University of Idaho, where he is currently an associate professor in the Department of Fish and Wildlife Sciences. He teaches introductory courses in Natural Resources, a seminar in the general education curriculum, Limnology, and Advanced Limnology. Research with graduate students focuses on using large mesocosms to examine the remediation of cyanobacteria-dominated lakes; the use of experimental flumes to examine methods to reduce the occurence of Didymo; and examining the use of benthic barriers to eliminate Asian clams in north Idaho lakes.

Frank Browne (President-Elect)

Dr. Frank Browne, P.E. received his doctorate degree from the University of Florida. He is president of F.X. Browne, Inc., an environmental consulting firm specializing in lake and watershed management. Frank was a member of the 11- person committee that founded NALMS. He has attended every NALMS meeting from the first organizing meeting in Portland, Maine in 1980. Frank has been active in NALMS, serving on several planning and financial committees; he was a NALMS Board member and also served as NALMS Secretary. He is a member of the NALMS Education Committee. He is co-chair of the NALMS Student Awards Committee. Frank has over 35 years of experience in lake and watershed management. He wrote major sections of the EPA Clean Lakes Manual. He also wrote a chapter in the NALMS Lake and Reservoir Restoration Handbook. Frank created the Pennsylvania Lake Management Society (PALMS), and was its first president. Frank is also an Adjunct Professor at Villanova University where he teaches graduate courses in Lake and Stream Ecology and Stormwater Management.

Julie Chambers (Past President)

Julie Chambers is the Lakes and Wetlands Monitoring Coordinator for the Oklahoma Water Resources Board. Julie has over 17 years of experience in lake water quality management, data collection and data utilization. She serves on several state technical workgroups related to assessment of lakes and field protocol development and also serves on the steering committee for EPA’s National Lakes Assessment. She currently serves as secretary for the Oklahoma Clean Lakes and Watershed Association. Julie graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a BS in Biology.



Amy Smagula (Secretary)
Amy Smagula is a Limnologist with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services where she coordinates the Exotic Species Program. Amy has an undergraduate degree in Natural Resources as well as a Master of Science in Water Resources Management, both from the University of New Hampshire. Amy has over 18 years of experience in field and laboratory limnology, aquatic plant and algae identification and management, lake and watershed assessment and management, lake related policy-making, wetland inspection and permitting, and shoreland protection.



Michael Perry (Treasurer)

Michael Perry has served as the Executive Director of the Lake County Water Authority since 2000 and is responsible for the surface and groundwater resources in Lake County. He earned a BS in Marine Science and Biology from Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, Florida and a MS from the University of South Carolina. Prior to the Water Authority, Mike spent 12 years with the Southwest Florida Water Management District. Mike has over 27 years of extensive technical experience with managing the needs and implementation of restoration projects for large and complex estuarine, river and lake systems.