NALMS Achievement Awards

The Secchi Disk Award

The Secchi Disk Award is given annually to recognize and honor the NALMS member who has made the most significant contributions to the goals and objectives of the society.

Award Recipients

2017 – Al Sosiak
2016 – Jack Jones
2015 – Gene Welch
2014 – Dennis Cooke
2013 – Mark Hoyer
2012 – Harry Gibbons
2011 – Dick Osgood
2010 – Roger Bachmann
2009 – Steve Heiskary
2008 – Tom Conry
2007 – Tom Davenport
2006 – Ann St. Amand
2005 – Jeff Schloss
2004 – Steve Colvin
2003 – Ken Wagner
2002 – Greg Searle
2001 – Chris Holdren
2000 – Bill Jones
1999 – Jim Flynn
1998 – Lisa Conley
1997 – Jim Vennie
1996 – Bruce Wilson
1995 – Dan Canfield
1994 – Jay Sauber
1993 – Jim LaBounty
1992 – Virginia Garrison
1991 – Richard Wedepohl
1990 – Bob Kirschner
1989 – Garth Redfield
1988 – Bill Funk
1987 – Donna Sefton
1986 – Eben Chesebrough
1985 – Bob Johnson

Nomination should articulate how an individual member is considered to have contributed the most to the achievement of NALMS’ goals.  Award recipient must be a NALMS member.  How to nominate?

2015 Secchi Disk Award recipient, Gene Welch, with 2016 recipient, Jack Jones

Dave Deardorff accepts the 2016 Jim Flynn Award for Abraxis, Inc.

Nick Spinelli accepts the 2016 Friends of NALMS Award for the Pennsylvania Lakes Management Society, as well as the 2016 Lake Management Success Stories Award for Lake Wallenpaupack


Jim Flynn Outstanding Corporation Award

The Jim Flynn Outstanding Corporation Award is given annually to recognize and honor the corporation considered to have made the most significant contributions to NALMS goals and objectives.

Award Recipients

2017 – HAB Aquatic Solutions
2016 – Abraxis, Inc.
2015 – No award given
2014 – No award given
2013 – No award given
2012 – No award given
2011 – No award given
2010 – No award given
2009 – Hach Hydromet
2008 – USACOE, Waterways Experiment Station
2007 – ENSR Corporation
2006 – AW Research
2005 – Osgood Consulting
2004 – Princeton Hydro, LLC
2003 – Sweetwater Technology
2002 – No award given
2001 – YSI, Inc.
2000 – F.X. Browne, Inc.
1999 – PhycoTech
1998 – Ecosystems Consulting Service
1997 – Hydrolab Corporation
1996 – Aquarius Systems
1995 – TVA
1994 – Coastal Environmental Services
1993 – ACRT, Inc.
1992 – Aquarius Systems
1991 – Baystate Environmental Consultants
1990 – Judith Taggart & Associates
1989 – General Chemical
1988 – Aqua Technique
1987 – Living Lakes
1986 – Hydrolab
1985 – Mudcat

Nomination should recognize how an organizational member is considered to have contributed the most to NALMS’ goals.  Recipient must be a NALMS member.  How to nominate?

Friends of NALMS Award

The Friends of NALMS Award is given annually to recognize and honor individuals or corporations making major contributions to NALMS. Recipients do not have to be NALMS members, and “contributions” extend beyond monetary donations.

Award Recipients

– Anne Weinberg
– Pennsylvania Lake Management Society
– SUNY Oneonta Biological Field Station

– Lake George Association
– Linda Green
– No award given
– Doug Knauer
– AMEC I&E, Inc.
– Jody Connor
– Tom & Elinor Eberhardt
– Associate Editors of Lake and Reservoir Management
– Marty Kelly
– Bev Clark
– Jim LaBounty
– Florida Lake Management Society
– Jeff Schloss & Philip Forsberg
– Mary-Arthur Beebe

– Cynthia Mahigian Moorhead
– New England Water Pollution Control Commission
– Will Young, Aquatic Research Instruments
– Kelly DiNatale
– Lawrence Enterprises
– US Environmental Protection Agency
– State of Minnesota
– Jim Vennie
– Aquarius Systems
– Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
– University of Florida
– Kramer, Chin and Mayo
– Tennessee Valley Authority
– Jim LaBounty
– Vince Williams
Unknown Dates
– Dan Canfield
– William Jones
– Steven McComas
– Laura Taggart
– Bob Humphrey
– Lynn Moore
– Tom Davenport
– FTN Associates
– Ohio Lake Management Society
– Pat Tobin
– Frank Lapensee
– US Bureau of Reclamation
– American Fisheries Society
– Wisconsin DNR
– Rep. Les Aspin
– Rep. J. Oberstar
– Rep. T. Lewis
– Rep. A. Strangeland
– Rep. R. Roe
– Sen. Patrick Leahy
– Sen. D. Durenberger
– Sen. William Proxmire

Nomination should detail major contributions of an individual or team to NALMS.  Contributions extend beyond monetary donations.  How to nominate?

Lake Management Success Stories

The Lake Management Success Stories Award is awarded to an individual or team who has demonstrated improvement in lake/reservoir condition or watershed management in a cost-effective manner.

Award Recipients

-Dr. Stephen Souza, Princeton Hydro

Jim LaBounty Best Paper Award

The Jim LaBounty Best Paper Award, established in 2003, is given annually to recognize and honor the best paper published in the Lake and Reservoir Management journal.

Award Recipients

Managing lake trout lakes in a warming world: a paleolimnological assessment of nutrients and lake production at three Ontario sites
C. Nelligan, A. Jeziorski, K. M. Rühland, A. M. Paterson and J. P. Smol
Deriving nutrient criteria to minimize false positive and false negative water use impairment determinations
Eric Smeltzer, Neil C. Kamman, and Steven Fiske

Lakeshore and physical habitat structure in a national lakes assessment
Philip R. Kaufmann, David V. Peck, Steven G. Paulsen, Curt W. Seeliger, Robert M. Hughes, Thomas R. Whittier, and Neil C Kamman
Landscape factors influencing lake phosphorus concentrations across Minnesota
Timothy K. Cross and Peter C. Jacobson
Phosphorus, nitrogen and the designated uses of Florida lakes
Bachmann, Bigham, Hoyer and Canfield
Variations in the aluminum: phosphorus binding ratio and alum dosage considerations for Half Moon Lake, Wisconsin
William F. James
Phosphorus reduction by dilution and shift in fish species in Moses Lake, Washington
Gene Welch
Relative influence of lake age and watershed land use on trophic state and water quality of artificial lakes in Kansas
E. Carney
Monitoring periphyton in lakes experiencing shoreline development
D. Lambert and A. Cattaneo
Whole-lake herbicide treatments for Eurasian watermilfoil in four Wisconsin lakes: Effects on vegetation and water clarity
K.I. Wagner, J. Hauxwell, P.W. Rasmussen, F. Koshere, P. Toshner, K. Aron, D.R. Helsel, S. Toshner, S. Provost, M. Gansberg, J. Masterson and S. Warwick
Determining ecoregional reference conditions for nutrients, Secchi depth and chlorophyll a in Kansas lakes and reservoirs
W.K. Dobbs, E. Carney and R.T. Angelo
Long-term changes in iron and phosphorus sedimentation in Vadnais Lake, Minnesota, resulting from ferric chloride addition and hypolimnetic aeration
D.R. Engstrom
Artificially induced Planktotrix rubesces surface bloom in a small kettle lake in Southern Ontario compared to blooms world-wide
Gertrud K. Nürnberg, Bruce D. LaZerte and Daniel D. Olding
For four papers published in LRM Volume 19-2
John R. Jones

Leadership & Service Awards

NALMS Leadership & Award Awards, formerly known as the Technical Merit Awards, are given annually to recognize and honor individuals or groups for Successful Projects, Volunteer Actions, Research Efforts, and Public Education/Outreach.

Award Recipients

– Introduction to Lakes Online Certification Course Team, Michigan State University Extension (Community Education & Outreach)
– Parker Water & Sanitation District (PWSD) and the Rueter-Hess Recreation Authority (Community Education & Outreach)
– SOLitude Lake Management – John Phelps (Community Education & Outreach)
– Beaver Watershed Alliance (Public Education/Outreach)
– Ducks Unlimited-Iowa (Successful Projects)
– Harvey Harper, Environmental Research and Design, Inc. (Lake Management Advancements)
– Lake Wallenpaupack (Successful Projects)

– Deer Lake Conservancy (Successful Projects)
– Town of Barnstable, MA (Successful Projects)
– Indiana Clean Lakes Aquatic Invasive Volunteer Monitoring Program (Volunteer Actions)
– Penn State Extension Water Resources Team (Public Education/Outreach)
– Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Association (Public Education/Outreach)
– Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership (Public Education/Outreach)
– Lake Griffin Nutrient Restoration Project (Successful Projects)
– Dr. John Little (Research Efforts)
– Wabash River Watershed Sampling Blitz (Volunteer Actions)
– Clean Lakes Alliance (Public Education/Outreach)
– Chicago Botanic Garden (Successful Projects)
– Deal Lake Commission (Successful Projects)
– Clear Choices Clean Water (Public Education/Outreach)
– Paradox Lake and Adirondack Ecologists LLC (Successful Projects)
– Lake of the Woods Water Sustainability Foundation (Volunteer Actions)
– Extension Volunteer Monitoring Network (Public Education/Outreach)
– Dr. Barry Moore – Washington State University (Successful Projects)
– Dr. John (Jack) Jones – University of Missouri (Research Efforts)
– Ontario Lake Partner Program (Volunteer Actions)
– Fairfax County Watershed Plan (Public Education/Outreach)
– Wetland & Hydrologic Restoration of the Grand Prairie Site, Flying Eagle Wildlife Management Area, Southwest Florida WMD (Successful Projects)
– The Sugar Lake Association, Wright County, Minn. (Volunteer Actions)
– Dana Rizzo & Susan Boser – Pennsylvania State Coop. Extension (Public Education/Outreach)
– J. Clark, B. Swistock, T. McCarty & M. Barkley – Penn State Cooperative Extension (Public Education/Outreach)
– Dr. Robert Doyle (Public Education/Outreach)
– Long Pond, Towns of Brewster & Harwich, Mass. (Successful Projects)
– Town of Warrenton, Va. (Successful Projects)
– Jane & Carroll Johnson (Volunteer Actions)
– Woodridge Lake Property Owners Association (WLPOA) (Volunteer Actions)
– Alberta Lake Management Society (Volunteer Actions)
– Bow River Basin Council (Public Education/Outreach)
– Dick Lathrop (Research Efforts)
– Doug Larson (Research Efforts)
– Brian Kotak & Ron Zurawell (Research Efforts)
– St. Johns Water Management District & Southwest Florida Water Management District (Research Efforts)
– Cobbossee Watershed District (Public Education/Outreach)
– Tennessee Valley Authority Stream, River & Tailwater Assessment (Public Education/Outreach)
– (Public Education/Outreach)
– Tennessee Valley Authority Spring Sportfish Survey (Public Education/Outreach)
– Lake Hopatcong Commission (LHC) (Public Education/Outreach)
– Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee (Volunteer Actions)
– Lake Mohawk Lake Community (Successful Project)
– Champlain 2000 (Public Education/Outreach)
– Maine Lakes Conservancy Institute (Public Education/Outreach)
– Tennessee Valley Clean Marina Initiative (Public Education/Outreach)
– Gertrud Nürnberg (Research Efforts)
– Chocorua Lake Project (Successful Project)
– White Meadow Lake Property Owners Association (Volunteer Actions)
– Mount Arab Preserve Association (Volunteer Actions)
– Bhoj Wetland Project, India (Successful Project)
– TVA Clean Marina Initiative (Successful Project)
– Third Lake Project – Mark Pfister, Leader (Successful Project)
– Hartford Union High School Environmental Club (Volunteer Actions)
– Michael Martin (Public Education/Outreach)
– Stafford Pond (Successful Project)
– Lionel Dallas (Volunteer Actions)
– Peter Siver (Research Efforts)
– Gordon Davis (Public Education/Outreach)
– Sidney Post (Public Education/Outreach)
– Scott Williams (Public Education/Outreach)
– WOW/Lake Access Team at University of Minnesota-Duluth (Public Education/Outreach)
– Steve LaMere (Public Education/Outreach)
– John Holz (Research Efforts)
– Madeleine Ducham (Volunteer Actions)
– Bass Bay/Big Muskego Lake Management District and Wind Lake Management District (Volunteer Actions)
– Robert Korth (Public Education/Outreach)
– Pine Lake Restoration Society, Alberta, Canada (Volunteer Actions)
– Paul Garrison (Research Efforts)
– James LaBounty (Research Efforts)
– Upper Tippecanoe Water Quality Project (Successful Project)
– Oster Creek Community (Tex.) Environmental Action Network (Volunteer Actions)
– Lake Shaokatan Restoration (Successful Project)
– Lake Bemidji Watershed Management Project (Successful Project)
– Steve Effler (Research Efforts)
– Friends of Menotomy Rocks Park (Volunteer Actions)
– Wally Christiansen (Volunteer Actions)
– Tom Murphy (Research Efforts)
– Terry Bovee (Volunteer Actions)
– Patricia Chambers (Research Efforts)
– Interactive Lake Ecology (Successful Project)
– Craig Heaton (Volunteer Actions)
– Vadnais Lake/Lambert Creek Watershed Improvement Project (Successful Project)
– John P. Smol and the Paleoecological Environmental Assessment & Research Laboratory (Research Efforts)
– John Barko (Research Efforts)
– Joanna Buehler (Volunteer Actions)
– Florida Lake Watch (Successful Project)
– Ellie Prepas (Successful Project)
– Little Rock Lake, Whole Lake Acidification (Successful Project)
– Lake Delavan (Successful Project)
– Corps of Engineers WES (Research Efforts)
– Bruce Wilson (Research Efforts)
– Robert Munyon (Volunteer Actions)
– Newroth/Welch/Peterson/Cooke (Research Efforts)
– Joe Shapiro (Research Efforts)
– Lake Summerset (Successful Project)
– Lake Morey, VT (Successful Project)
– David Sutton (Research Efforts)
– Ken Reckhow (Research Efforts)
– Bob Carlson (Research Efforts)
– Bill Walker (Research Efforts)
– Lake Jackson, Fla. (Successful Project)
– Lake Geneva, Wis. (Successful Project)

Jody Connor Student Awards

Each year NALMS judges student posters and presentations given at our Symposium. The Jody Connor Student Awards are given to recognize and honor the best of these presentations and posters. Use the links below to explore past award winners.

2015 2014 2013 2012
2011 2010 2009 2008
2007 2006 2005 2004
2003 2002 2001 2000