Student Mentorship Program

handshake-communication-1532849 NALMS wants to help you along the way as you work toward your degree, move on from school and start your first job. We want to see you succeed!

Luckily NALMS is full of members that know a bit about success in the lake and reservoir management field. We think connecting with these members and getting engaged with NALMS activities will dramatically increase your chances for success.

That’s where the Student Mentorship Program comes in. This program pairs you with an active NALMS member for one year. During that year you will have access to someone who is familiar with the path you’re on and can help guide along the way.

So, what can a NALMS mentor do for you?

Mentors give you valuable advice and offer new perspectives
A NALMS mentor can help you discover what it takes to get ahead. A mentor is an excellent sounding board for your own ideas and a wellspring of concepts you’ve yet to consider. And your mentor may even help you decide on the best course of action or clue you in on shortcuts to be more effective in your work.

Mentors help you develop your knowledge base and skill set
A NALMS mentor is an invaluable lake and reservoir management resource. A mentor can tell you what you need to know and point you in the right direction when you’re seeking new information or working on new skills. And your mentor may even teach you a thing or two directly.

Mentors help you improve your communication skills and build your network
A NALMS mentor will likely have a different background than you, offering you the chance to hone your ability to “get on the same page” with a diverse audience. A mentor also offers you an opportunity to expand your network of personal and professional contacts. And your mentor can help you find ways to navigate and communicate more effectively with your growing network.

Mentors help you advance your career
A NALMS mentor can help you clarify your eventual career track. A mentor can help you define and target the goals you hope to reach in your career. And your mentor can help you maintain your focus along the way.

Here’s what else you should know…

  • Participating student members will receive a FREE membership through donor support.
  • The mentorship program will also include credits toward certification as a Lake Manager or Professional.

We hope you will consider participating in this exciting program! It’s very easy – just contact the NALMS Student Director for more info.