With students, families, and professionals spending more time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’d like to offer this list of activities and resources to help curb boredom, encourage creativity and learning, and have some fun!

We’ll do our best to keep our online calendar up-to-date with the latest webinars and other virtual events. Feel free to add your own virtual event here.

For kids:

  1. Lakes Appreciation BINGO
    Lake facts, activities, and coloring sheet!
    In partnership with Earth Science Laboratories
  2. Educational STEM Resources
    St. Johns River Water Management District
  3. Watershed Word Sleuth
    Lake Hopatcong Foundation, NALMS Nonprofit member
  4. STEM resources for at-home learning
    National Science Foundation
  5. Great Lakes for Kids Activity Sheet
    Ohio Sea Grant

For everyone:

  1. Coronavirus-related guidance for volunteer lake monitoring
    Secchi Dip-In
  2. We Are Water: A Podcast by the Beaver Watershed Alliance
    Beaver Watershed Alliance
  3. Live lake webcams – it will feel like you’re actually there (almost)
    Center for Limnology – UW-Madison
  4. Virtual tours of national parks via Google Earth
    Google Earth
  5. Outdoor recreation + social distancing – keep from going stir crazy

Webinar Recordings:

  1. Cyanobacteria: What You Need to Know / 2021 May 25
    New England Chapter of NALMS, NALMS Affiliate member
  2. Understanding and Managing Internal Phosphorus Loading in Lakes / 2020 September 30
    New England Chapter of NALMS, NALMS Affiliate member
  3. Optical Brighteners, Septic Systems, and Lakes / 2020 May 20
    Maine Lake Society
  4. Loon Mortality and Human Attitudes / 2020 May 13
    Maine Lakes Society
  5. Creative Ways to Broaden Your Lake Association Audience / 2020 May 6
    Maine Lakes Society
  6. Your Loon Questions Answered / 2020 April 29
    Maine Lake Society
  7. Restoring Living Shorelands / 2020 April 21
    New England Chapter of NALMS, NALMS Affiliate member
  8. Impacts of Freshwater Harmful Algal Blooms on Recreational Beneficial Uses / 2020 April 20
    California Lake Management Society, NALMS Affiliate member

For remote workers:
Resources compiled by the River Network team.

  1. Nonprofit Pandemic Resources
    North Carolina Center for Nonprofit Organizations
  2. A Guide to Remote Working for Nonprofits
    Wild Apricot
  3. Nonprofit Resources for Remote Work During the COVID-19 Outbreak
  4. Tech Tips for Working Remotely During COVID-19
    Earth Institute at Columbia University
  5. A Good Time to Get Good at Virtual Meetings
    Spitfire Solutions

We will update this list as more resources become available. If a resource is attributed to a partner or third-party, we will be certain to give credit.

Last updated: 2021 June 18