A donation to NALMS supports lakes, reservoirs, and watersheds … plain and simple! If you’re curious about where your gift will go, or what program you should support, take a peek below at a description of each donation fund. Thank you for your support!

NALMS Lake Givers Club

North America’s lakes, reservoirs, and watersheds need your support …  and NALMS can help! Our educational publications and programs offer an excellent first step toward the responsible management and protection of our lakes and reservoirs. NALMS provides information to inform the actions that will positively affect the quality of our lakes, our drinking water and supply, our freshwater fishing industry, recreational opportunities, and tourism industries.

The Lake Givers Club provides a way for individuals and organizations to make a significant contribution towards the management and protection of lakes and reservoirs. Contributions to the Lake Givers Club may be applied in the following ways:

  • NALMS Education Publications
    LakeLine Magazine, Lake & Reservoir Management Journal, and other NALMS publications
  • NALMS Programs
    Certification, Inland HAB program, and Lakes Appreciation Month
  • NALMS Operations
    Office equipment, supplies, and other expenses

Eberhardt Memorial Student Fund

NALMS students are the future of our organization. By donating to the Eberhardt Memorial Fund, you support NALMS’ student programs, including travel grants to attend our yearly symposium.

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About Tom & Elinor Eberhardt

Tom and Elinor were givers. The Eberhardts gave to their community and they gave to NALMS. NALMS will miss Tom and Elinor, who tragically died together in a plane crash on December 30th, 2010. However, the upbeat, indomitable spirit and energy that they have shared and passed on to their family, friends, and community remind us of them every day. NALMS founded the Eberhardt Memorial Student Fund in 2011 to commemorate Tom and Elinor’s life and to continue their legacy of giving by supporting NALMS student members

G. Dennis Cooke Symposium Fund

The G. Dennis Cooke Symposium Fund was established in November 2012 through a gift from G. Dennis Cooke, the first president of NALMS and Emeritus Professor of Biological Sciences at Kent State University. Dr. Cooke earned his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Iowa and, after a post-doctoral at the Institute of Ecology at the University of Georgia, he joined the faculty at Kent State University, where he taught for 36 years.

The Fund provides a way for individuals and organizations to join NALMS’ effort to facilitate the exchange of information on managing lakes and watersheds. NALMS has established an investment fund with Dr. Cooke’s gift and will use the returns from this fund to support themed sessions and plenary speakers at our annual Symposium.

Secchi Dip-In

The Secchi Dip-In began in 1994 by Drs. Robert Carlson, Dave Waller, and Jay Lee from Kent State University (pictured) as a pilot study.  Since then, it has expanded to include volunteers from across the United States.

Its purpose?  The Dip-In is a powerful demonstration of the potential of volunteer monitors and citizen scientists to gather environmentally important information on our lakes, rivers, and estuaries.  The concept of the Dip-In is simple: individuals in volunteer monitoring programs take a transparency measurement on one day during the month of July.  Individuals may be monitoring lakes, reservoirs, estuaries, rivers, or streams.  These transparency values are used to assess the transparency of volunteer-monitored lakes in the United States and Canada.

When the first Secchi Dip-In was proposed in 1994, it was hoped that the project would make it past one or two years. Thanks to the support of volunteer programs and volunteers, the North American Lake Management Society, and the Environmental Protection Agency, the Dip-In database has grown to more than 41,000 records on more than 7,000 separate waterbodies, not including different sites, such as along rivers and estuaries.

In 2015, after leading the Secchi Dip-In for 20 years, Dr. Carlson and NALMS entered a long-term agreement transferring the operations of the Dip-In to NALMS.

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