2023 Student Poster Contest

July has been Lakes Appreciation Month for the past 25 years. This spring, we invited elementary, middle, and high school students to submit posters reflecting on how important lakes are to all of us. Submitted artwork will be a big part of NALMS’ celebrations through July.

Due to the high quality of all the entries, our volunteer judges had a tough job deciding our three winners (one per grade category). Posters were judged on creativity and originality, how well they represented Lakes Appreciation Month, and overall presentation. We are excited to share the results with you! Under the three winning posters, please take a look at all of the amazing and creative entries we received from students from all across North America.

Thank you to all of the amazing artists who sent us their posters!

Cora Edwards, grade 4
Grace Christian School, Escondido, CA, USA
WINNER (K-4th grade division)

Cora Edwards, grade 4 - winner K-4th

Aydin Soner, grade 5
Home School, Columbia, SC, USA
WINNER (5th-8th grade division)

Aydin Soner, grade 5 - winner 5th-8th

Mikey Foremsky, grade 9
York Suburban High School, York, PA, USA
WINNER (9th-12th grade division)

Mikey Foremsky, grade 9 - winner 9th-12th

All Entries
K-4th grade division

Giliana Benedetti, grade 2
Cora Edwards, grade 4
Caitlin O
Inaaya Sheikh, grade 4
Lexie Thomas, grade 3
Sammie Thomas, grade 3
Lucia Vanegas, grade K
Autumn Waite, grade 2

All Entries
5th-8th grade division

James Alicky, grade 5
Lucas B, grade 8
Kambria Barber, grade 7
Taras Beveridge Warick, grade 8
Fallon Borowski, grade 8
Isaak Burns, grade 8
Makenna Byers, grade 8
Peyton Chapman, grade 8
Haniel Choksi, grade 8
Cole Clark, grade 8
Alice Cooper, grade 7
Aiden Cross, grade 5
Julia Cruz, grade 6
Madhavi Gali, grade 8
Samuel Glasofer, grade 8
Vivienne Haas, grade 6
Olivia Hall, grade 8
Esma Hausic, grade 7
Suren Hooshangui, grade 8
Trisyn I, grade 6
Wylie Ifield, grade 8
Lucas James, grade 8
Dean Jamieson, grade 8
Isabella Jesso, grade 7
Jaelyn Lee, grade 8
Jerimiah Lyon, grade 5
Aryanna Marchioni, grade 6
Rory McBriar, grade 5
Panayiotis McCartney, grade 8
Hannah McDowell, grade 7
Fiona McLeod, grade 8
Kaylee Mihill, grade 8
Delaney Moore
Gaby O, grade 6
Carly Olsen, grade 5
Kohen Olson, grade 8
Tessa Olszynski, grade 8
Isabella Ralicki, grade 5
Jake Roe, grade 8
Ainsley Schuler, grade 5
Isabella Scott, grade 5
Nirven Sharma, grade 8
Tyler Shepherd, grade 8
Valentina Sic, grade 8
Aydin Soner, grade 5
Benjamin Stanzel, grade 8
Dylan Stewart, grade 8
Isabella TV, grade 6
Kaylinn Wightman, grade 5
Yvonte Williams, grade 8
Teagan Winters, grade 5
Willow Wood, grade 8
Cadence Zito, grade 7

All Entries
9th-12th grade division

Zaina Alam Piya, grade 11
Aaliyah Albright, grade 10
Wyatt Andre, grade 9
Aadil Bajwa, grade 9
Camryn Burback, grade 9
Noah Dodman, grade 10
Amelia Elder, grade 10
Hannah Eramian, grade 10
Eva Esselfie Dughan, grade 10
Katelyn Ford, grade 9
Mikey Foremsky, grade 9
Domis Gibson, grade 10
Carmen Gorman
Paulina Halsted, grade 10
James Harris, grade 12
Kenadie Hebert, grade 9
Londyn Houston, grade 9
Emma Inwood, grade 12
Guadelupe Marquez-Diaz, grade 10
Sydney Milton, grade 9
Muhammad Ali Salman, grade 9
Kiran Sekhon, grade 9
Ijaz Sharif, grade 9
Zayna Szalontai, grade 9
Wayland, grade 10