Volunteers Sought for Study Assessing Perchlorate Occurrence in Lakes Following Fireworks Displays

The North American Lake Management Society is partnering with researchers from across the country investigating the occurrence of perchlorate in lakes and reservoirs following fireworks displays. Perchlorate is used as a propellent in professional and consumer fireworks and has been found in surface waters following these events in the past. The current work expands this sampling to a national scale and seeks to develop a Soil and Water Assessment Tool to aid in EPA’s development of Maximum Contaminant Levels. More information about the grant can be found at https://bit.ly/48LuKMd.

NALMS is helping to identify water quality professionals, volunteer monitors, community scientists, and others interested in water quality to conduct sampling before and after the Fourth of July Holiday in order to ensure a national perspective on this data set. Unfortunately, only lakes within the United States can be considered under this grant.

Volunteers will be asked to collect samples 3 times; once in the month/week before the Fourth of July, once between the 5th and the 7th of July, and once between the 16th and 25th of July. No special equipment is needed to collect these samples, and all sample containers and supplies, postage and mailing materials will be provided by the grant team along with instructions.

The Grant Team will produce a report for participants upon completion to provide samplers with information on their lake and the project overall.

We will begin reviewing participant information on April 1 for sampling around the 2024 Fourth of July Holiday.

If you are interested in volunteering for this effort, please click on the button below to complete a brief form. If you have questions please email info@nalms.org.

Volunteer to Participate in the Study