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Bird Hugger Podcast: Preventing Cyanobacteria Outbreaks in Lakes and Ponds

On Thursday, September 23rd, NALMS Inland HABs Program Co-Lead and aquatic biologist, Angela Shambaugh, was featured on the popular nature podcast, Bird Hugger! In the 30-minute episode, Angela discusses with podcast host, Catherine Greenleaf, how to prevent toxic Cyanobacteria blooms in lakes and ponds. A big thank you to Catherine for discussing this important topic and to Angela for, once again, sharing her knowledge and time! More about NALMS' Inland HAB Program https://www.nalms.org/inlandhabs/ GOAL 1 | use sound science Utilize sound science to support management cyanobacteria strategies and inform outreach GOAL 2 | ...

Monitoring HCBs with the bloomWatch App

by Leah Hicks, NALMS Community-Based Science Intern With the occurrence of harmful cyanobacteria blooms (HCBs) increasing throughout the world, it is of the utmost importance to increase community awareness about water safety when cyanobacteria are present. Cyanobacteria, commonly referred to as blue-green algae, are small bacteria found in waterbodies throughout the world. They are some of the earth’s oldest living organisms. When some cyanobacteria are found in high concentrations they form blooms, which are characterized by a discoloration of the water (often green/blue green, but these harmful blooms can also be red, brown, yellow, or ...

HABs Drinking Water Webinar Series

In collaboration with the USACE Invasive Species Leadership Team, Aquatic Plant Management Society, and American Water Works Association, NALMS is proud to offer a five-part summer webinar series focused on HABs and drinking water. In this series, our panel of experts will summarize the latest research and technical information on management strategies to encourage better integration and facilitation in the protection of drinking water. 06/23/21 - HAB Impacts to Drinking Water and Current Management Outlook Start: 12:00 CDT Other Information: HABs Drinking Water Webinar Series #1 Webinar Flyer WebEx: https://usace1.webex.com/meet/tara...

NALMS Internship Opportunities

NALMS is accepting applications for two summer 2021 internship opportunities: NALMS Policy Internship The intern will work with the NALMS Policy and Communications Committees to support the process of writing white papers and developing policy recommendations regarding the following topics: Climate Change Impacts on Lake Ecosystems, Lake Watershed Management, Cyanobacteria Management, and Urban Lake Management. An integral component of the internship will be taking the lead in writing a white paper and developing policy recommendations regarding one of the topics listed above or a new topic agreed upon by the intern and their ...

Help NALMS understand how you learn about cyanobacterial blooms on your favorite lake

How do you learn if and when cyanobacterial blooms occur in your favorite lake? NALMS and the ITRC want to know!

Cyanobacteria Updates

In the October/November issue of this newsletter we announced new features on the NALMS Inland HABs Program Webpage, including an interactive Story Map featuring cyanobacteria resources. These resources are maintained by Shane Bradt and Angela Shambaugh, co-chairs of our HABs Committee. Angela Shambaugh is also co-leader of a study focused on harmful cyanobacteria blooms by a national team sponsored by the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC). Angela reports, “The final product will include sections on nutrient management, monitoring, in-lake management approaches, and communication strategies. Team membership is open now and NALMS ...

NALMS Inland HABs Poster – new webpages, a Story Map, and suggestions

NALMS Inland HABs Program poster directs people to new webpages, the Cyanobacteria Resources Story Map, and seeks input from NALMS members.

Inland HABs Program Website Revamped

The NALMS Inland HABs Program webpages have been updated and expanded! The information contained on the pages has been refocused around three key issues – providing public resources, sharing applied educational information, and featuring stories profiling approaches to understanding and managing cyanobacteria.

Cyanobacteria at the NALMS International Symposium in 2019

Presentations, posters, and workshops featuring cyanobacteria can be found throughout the 2019 NALMS International Symposium taking place in Burlington, VT from November 11th to 15th.

Interactive Cyanobacteria Story Maps released by NALMS

The NALMS Inland HABs Program interactive Story Map makes it easy to find public resources to deal with cyanobacteria in a specific region, provides access to a range of stories of how people are studying, managing and communicating about cyanobacteria, and serves as a discovery tool for ongoing regional and national projects related to cyanobacteria taking place in North America.