Bird Hugger Podcast: Preventing Cyanobacteria Outbreaks in Lakes and Ponds

On Thursday, September 23rd, NALMS Inland HABs Program Co-Lead and aquatic biologist, Angela Shambaugh, was featured on the popular nature podcast, Bird Hugger! In the 30-minute episode, Angela discusses with podcast host, Catherine Greenleaf, how to prevent toxic Cyanobacteria blooms in lakes and ponds.

A big thank you to Catherine for discussing this important topic and to Angela for, once again, sharing her knowledge and time!


More about NALMS’ Inland HAB Program

  • GOAL 1 | use sound science
    Utilize sound science to support management cyanobacteria strategies and inform outreach
  • GOAL 2 | provide resources
    Serve as a resource for lake managers, lake associations and lake residents seeking information on cyanobacteria and management approaches
  • GOAL 3 | connect and share
    Provide opportunities for members to share their experiences and thus raise our collective understanding about best approaches to manage cyanobacteria

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More about the Bird Hugger Podcast

Love gardening and birds and want to help Mother Nature? Join host Catherine Greenleaf, former gardening columnist for the Boston Herald Sunday Magazine and a certified wildlife rehabilitator with 20 years of experience rescuing and rehabilitating injured wildlife, for discussions about organic gardening and restoring native habitat to help the birds and other wildlife in your backyard. Catherine Greenleaf talks about the natural history of birds and interviews the leading experts about how to turn your backyard into a native oasis for birds and pollinators.