2020 Clean Lakes Classic Results

Congratulations to our top finishers!

  • Top Finisher (40 km): Chris Geraghty (3 hours, 26 min)
  • Top Male Finisher (4 mi): Richard Friesner (26 min, 56 sec)
  • Top Female Finisher (4 mi): Kari Hedin (29 min, 38 sec)
  • Top Male Finisher (4 km): Kyle Clonan (13 min, 40 sec)
  • Top Female Finisher (4 km): Elizabeth Boor (20 min, 30 sec)
  • Top Team: Team PhycoTech

Join NALMS for a special Clean Lakes Classic celebrating our 40th anniversary year! We have decided to rework our traditional run format to take advantage of both the virtual format and our anniversary.

Registration is FREE this year, as we encourage everyone to get out and be active; however, participants are welcome to purchase a limited-edition NALMS Clean Lakes Classic shirt via our online apparel shop. Purchasing a shirt is not required to participate; however, a percentage of the proceeds will come back to support NALMS and our programs. (Link to purchase is available in the registration form.)

In celebration of 40 years of NALMS, we are expanding to offer 3 different event lengths (this is not your typical 5K!):

  • 4.0 km
  • 4.0 miles
  • 40 km

In all three lengths, you will have the entire week of the NALMS conference to complete your race(s). The 4.0 km and 4.0 mile races are individual events with prizes for the top male and female finishers. For the 40 km race, you can compete as an individual or as a member of a team of up to 4 people – you may accumulate distance and time for the entire week or do the whole 40 kilometers at once.

Conference registration is not required to participate in the Clean Lakes Classic. NALMS members and non-members are welcome to participate.

After you finish your race and if you would like to be eligible to win a prize, please report your distance and time to cleanlakesclassic@nalms.org by the end of the conference week. Participants are not required to report their time; however, only those who do will be eligible to win a prize.

Thank you to Gantzer Water Resources for sponsoring the run prizes!

This event has passed. Thank you to everyone who participated!


2019 Clean Lakes Classic, Burlington, VT - race start
2019 Clean Lakes Classic, Burlington, VT - volunteers
2019 Clean Lakes Classic, Burlington, VT - top three female finishers
2019 Clean Lakes Classic, Burlington, VT - top two male finishers

Photos courtesy of Lisa Borre.