Presenters / Program

Do I need to resubmit my abstract if I submitted it for the Minneapolis symposium?
No, there is no need to resubmit your abstract. We will ask you to confirm that you are still interested in participating in the online conference format.

When will I hear if my abstract has been accepted?
Since we extended the submission deadline to July 31 for the new format, the program committee will be reviewing abstracts in August and notifying presenters in late August / early September of their acceptance.

How will oral presentations work?
We’re still finalizing the details and the technology to be used, but our plan is for the conference to be largely asynchronous. There will be a limited number of live sessions offered during the week followed by a Q&A session. Most presenters, however, will be asked to record their presentations and provide them to NALMS prior to the conference for upload to a website where conference attendees can view them at their convenience. We hope to have Q&A sessions for these presentations, but interaction might be limited.

How will poster presentations work?
All posters will be uploaded to a website for viewing/downloading at any time, with a live poster session planned. Each poster presenter will have 1 minute to “sell” their poster during the live session while their poster is displayed. Following the poster session, everyone will move to a virtual room, where they can break off and discuss questions with specific poster presenters.


How much will registration cost?
Registration fees are listed here.

Are presenters required to pay for registration?
Yes, presenters will be required to pay for registration.

Are discounted registrations available for students?
We are working on special registration discounts for students.