2021 Student Poster Contest

July has been Lakes Appreciation Month for the past 23 years. This spring, we invited elementary, middle, and high school students to submit posters reflecting on how important lakes are to all of us. Submitted artwork will be a big part of NALMS’ celebrations through July.

Due to the high quality of all the entries, our volunteer judges had a tough job deciding our three winners (one per grade category). Posters were judged on creativity and originality, how well they represented Lakes Appreciation Month, and overall presentation. We are excited to share the results with you! Under the three winning posters, please take a look at all of the amazing and creative entries we received from students from all across North America.

Thank you to all of the amazing artists who sent us their posters!

Lucas Wagner, grade 3
Gray’s Woods Elementary School, Port Matilda, PA, USA
WINNER (K-4th grade division)

Lucas Wagner, grade 3 - winner K-4th

Antony Salisbury, grade 8
École St. Matthew School, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
WINNER (5th-8th grade division)

Antony Salisbury, grade 8 - winner 5th-8th

Alicia Mcdonald, grade 11
Sussex County Technical School, Sparta, NJ, USA
WINNER (9th-12th grade division)

Alicia Mcdonald, grade 11 - winner 9th-12th

All Entries
K-4th grade division

Deanna Ballinger, grade 3, region 2
Enrico Bartoli, grade 4, region 2
Emily Benet, grade 2, region 2
Julia Cruz, grade 4, region 12
Ainsley Cullen, grade 1, region 11
Submitted by Mary Farrell, grade 1, region 2
Maddox Lurato, grade 4, region 2
Natalie Moras, grade 2, region 11
Forrest Mullikin, grade 3, region 3
Juliette Patenaude, grade 2, region 2
Ariana Porcher, grade 3, region 2
Matthew Reed, grade 2, region 2
Inaaya Sheikh, grade 2, region 2
Soren Shinneman, grade 3, region 10
Cody Siegmeister, grade 1, region 2

All Entries
5th-8th grade division

Ava Canary, grade 6, region 2
Daniella Cruz, grade 6, region 12
Lily Doran, grade 7, region 7
Halle Duchene, grade 7, region 12
Maximilian Duggleby, grade 7, region 12
Raymond Glowicki, grade 7, region 2
Sloane Holt Mellor, grade 7, region 12
Sam Iannuzzi, grade 8, region 2
Caraline Lusk, grade 7, region 2

All Entries
9th-12th grade division

Megan Greenlees, grade 10, region 5
Emily Hawn, grade 10, region 11
Meadow Reed, grade 12, region 12
Milena Sremba, grade 9, region 5