Celebrate Black History Month 2022

February is Black History Month!

This month is a time to appreciate the past (and current) contributions of the Black community, to not only our organization and those in the limnology/aquatic sciences, but to society. There are many reasons to celebrate the contributions made by Black entrepreneurs, politicians, activists, artists, and others during Black History Month, but since we are NALMS, we are focusing on those individuals who have contributed in the fields of limnology and aquatic science by highlighting their achievements. We will be using Black History Month as an opportunity to learn and reflect, as well as to celebrate and uplift Black voices. We aim to highlight the contributions of Black scientists, limnologists, freshwater ecologists, oceanographers, students, environmentalists, and more! (Yes, we work for lakes, but we love ALL water, too!) Check us out on Twitter as we highlight awesome Black limnologists and lake professionals you’ll want to follow.

We continue to focus on integrating Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusivity (JEDI) into everything we do and working to make all NALMS’ spaces and events more inclusive, safe, and welcoming. We know this takes actionable efforts and hard work, and we are committed to doing just that. We will have an intern working on several JEDI-focused projects this summer and will be updating the community on our efforts with regular social media and website messaging, while providing a quarterly update in LakeLine Magazine. We invite you to visit us often here at NALMS.org to share in our celebration of Black History Month, and look for upcoming events throughout the year as we work towards our commitment to JEDI.



Celebrating Black Scientists Throughout History:

Black History Month Resources: