NALMS Internship Opportunities

NALMS is accepting applications for three internship opportunities:

NALMS JEDI Internship

The intern will work with the NALMS Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee to support the process of completing a 5-year plan for NALMS to use in incorporating JEDI into all facets of the organization. To achieve this goal the intern will focus their efforts in these areas:

  1. Internal Assessment
  2. Outreach
  3. Internal Planning and Strategy
  4. Symposium Planning

The intern will take the lead on assessing previously collected information, and possible collection of further data, to help define this plan. The intern will have an integral role in writing the plan for NALMS JEDI incorporating the topics above, and will help present the plan to the NALMS Board for approval. The plan will be invaluable to NALMS as a guide for the JEDI Program, with a clear list of tasks to be prioritized by future JEDI interns, and a step towards making NALMS a welcoming organization for all.

The application deadline for this internship has been extended and is currently open is March 15, 2022. Full details are available at

Community-Based Lake Science and Monitoring Internship

In 2018, NALMS partnered with the Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) on a successful grant to the USEPA Environmental Exchange Network to upgrade the Secchi Dip-In database by migrating it to the Ambient Water Quality Monitoring System (AWQMS) with the help of EPA contractor Gold Systems. The intern will collaborate with NALMS to coordinate data collection, assessment, and analysis for the international Secchi Dip-In Program ( Activities could include:

  1. Answer questions about the Dip-In program, communicate with Dip-In participants, and conduct other public outreach activities in collaboration with NALMS leadership and staff to help promote the Dip-In and Lakes Appreciation Month via the website, social media, and e-mail blasts.
  2. Assist the NALMS Secchi Dip-In Committee and staff with the transition of the database to AWQMS by promoting use of the new system among monitoring volunteers and groups and coordinating with volunteer monitoring program coordinators to enter data.
  3. Update an annual data report template that can be used with the new AWQMS data management system and prepare a report with data received through 2020.
  4. Assist with the development of a new webinar or video that instructs volunteers how to participate in the Dip-In and enter data using the newly upgraded database.

Required qualifications include good oral and written communication skills and interest in working with community-based monitoring and science programs.

The application deadline for this internship is March 15, 2022. Full details are available at

NALMS 314 Advocacy Internship

The intern will work with the NALMS 314 Working Group to support the process of developing and implementing an advocacy campaign for the refunding and enhancement of the CWA Section 314 program. Candidates should have an education as it relates to natural resources, with an interest/focus in environmental policy/law, advocacy and outreach, political science, environmental law, social sciences (sociology/economics) or business (marketing/communication), and graphic design. An integral component of the internship will be to communicate with partner organizations and to develop public outreach materials centered around the importance of the 314 program and the value of lakes to America. There are two main tasks identified to fulfilling this goal:

  1. Development and implementation of a survey or series of surveys to lake managers regarding lake management financial resources and existing programs
  2. Assisting in the design of the advocacy campaign and developing supportive multi-media products. Multi-media products can include a website, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, pdfs, and videos for posting on YouTube and Instagram. The intern may be asked to present their draft outreach materials to stakeholder organizations interested in making policy change.

With the support of the 314 Advocacy Committee, the intern will take part in remote meetings and policy discussions in order to assemble the most politically advantageous outreach campaign. Desired qualifications include knowledge of aquatic ecology, strong oral and written communication skills, knowledge of the Clean Water Act, and creative abilities including web design, social media outreach, simple graphic design, marketing, and digital communications.

The application deadline for this internship is March 15, 2022. Full details are available at