Call for Award Nominations

We need award nominations!

Do you know an individual or group whose contributions to the water quality monitoring world have been “above and beyond”? Whose leadership, technical expertise, or collaborative efforts has made a difference in our profession?

Of course you do!

Please consider nominating them for one of the Council’s individual awards, the Elizabeth Fellows and/or the Barry Long Award. Groups are eligible for the Vision Award. These awards are highly regarded by members of our profession and treasured by their recipients as recognition of a professional life, well lived.

How do you nominate someone? It’s easy!

Use the forms below to describe why you think the person (or group) should be recognized at the upcoming National Monitoring Conference during the week of April 24, 2023.

Nomination Forms

Barry Alan Long Award Elizabeth Jester Fellows Award Vision Award

Nominations are due by Friday, January 27, 2023.

Award Information

The Elizabeth Jester Fellows Award is awarded to an individual whose outstanding achievement, exemplary service, and distinguished leadership in water quality carry on in Elizabeth’s spirit of public service and commitment to environmental protection. The Barry A. Long Award honors an individual who has demonstrated exceptional perseverance, positive spirit, and significant contributions to water resource protection. The Vision Award recognizes a monitoring council or group that has demonstrated extraordinary vision and cooperation in the field of water quality monitoring on a local or regional level to enhance the management and protection of aquatic resources.

Thank you, and see you in Virginia Beach!