Secchi Dip-In Data Update

The 2021 Secchi Dip-In officially starts this week!

WQX Upload Update

NALMS is ready for this year’s Lakes Appreciation Month and the Secchi Dip-In! In preparation, intern Leah Hicks spent the past few weeks quality-assuring data submissions in the Ambient Water Quality Monitoring System (AWQMS). A submission of all data from previous Dip-In events was made to the Federal Water Quality Exchange (WQX) and is now available for the public to view!

A total of 10,589 results were uploaded, bringing the overall number of results in the AWQMS and WQX databases to 128,715 entries. There was also an addition of 15 new monitoring locations! Major contributors of the data that was recently uploaded to WQX/WQP included the NALMS Secchi Dip-In, GLEON Lake Observer, Oregon Lake Watch, Minnesota Citizen Lake Monitoring Program, and New York Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP).

Monitoring locations sampled for secchi depth throughout 2015-2020

We will be uploading all data from AWQMS to the WQX on a weekly basis so that volunteers and the public can view the Secchi Dip-In data. We are encouraging volunteers to submit as much data as you are willing to share and urge you to reach out to staff at NALMS if you have issues submitting data via AWQMS or the Lake Observer app.

Explore the Dip-In database!

We invite you to explore Secchi Dip-In data via the AWQMS public portal. To log into the public portal use “nalmspublic” as the username with no password.

Explore the data

Thank you to our 2021 program sponsors!