Notice of NALMS Membership Updates

Membership Dues Cycle – Anniversary to Calendar

As we detailed our plan to membership last year at this time, we are in the process of switching from our old anniversary cycle (membership expires one year to the date after you joined or renewed) to the new calendar cycle (members will renew on a fixed date each year, which the Board of Directors has set for January 1). Why did we implement this change?:

  1. To re-distribute and even out our annual cash flow.
  2. To provide a consistent renewal date for our members, making it easier to remember and renew.
  3. To provide more time for staff to focus on other tasks, such as fundraising, grants, programs, and conference-related projects.

This has been a year-long transition, and many of you will have noticed that your dues were prorated to get you onto this new cycle. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding during this time of transition. In the long run, we believe this switch will have a very positive impact on both our members and staff, as well as the Society as a whole.

Membership Categories Update

To coincide with this switch to a calendar cycle, our Board has also been working hard to make updates to our membership categories, to both: 1) Simplify the currently-offered categories; and 2) Add much-needed options to help grow our membership. We are happy to announce that, effective January 1, 2019, these will be the offered membership categories (as approved by the Board of Directors on October 29, 2018).

The individual categories offered will include:

  • College Student
  • Early Career
  • Lake Leader
  • Professional

The organizational categories offered will include:

  • Affiliate
  • Corporate
  • Lake or Watershed Association
  • Nonprofit

More information about the membership categories, and what benefits are included, can be found here.