Extended Sessions Call for Abstracts

Please join us online the week of  April 19, 2021 for the National Water Quality Monitoring Council’s (NWQMC) 12th National Monitoring Conference. This conference provides opportunities for water stakeholders – federal, state, tribal and local water professionals, nonprofits, academia, and volunteer citizen scientists – to network, develop new skills and partnerships, and exchange information.

The Extended Sessions should provide an opportunity to dive deeper into the 2020 conference themes:

Monitoring Biological Integrity and Ecological Health in Rivers and Streams, Lakes and Reservoirs, Wetlands, and Estuaries

Emerging and Persistent Contaminants of Concern to Aquatic Life and Human Health

Monitoring Water Across a Changing Hydrologic Cycle

Tools to Mine, Share, and Visualize Water Quality Data

Tools to Acquire, Analyze and Model Water Quality Data and Relationships

New Technologies for Remote Sensing and Satellite Applications, Continuous and Discrete Monitoring, and Other Applications

Effective Monitoring Collaborations and Partnerships

Assessing Nonpoint Source Impacts on Water Quality and Measuring Effectiveness of Best Management Practices

Assessing and measuring the effectiveness of TMDLs and Watershed-based Management

HABs and Other Nutrient Relationships

Groundwater monitoring, characterization, and trends

Extended Sessions run from 1.5 hours or longer and are organized into one of three formats:

  • Workshops provide an interactive training opportunity for participants. The focus should be on the latest field, analytical or data analysis techniques related to the conference themes. Participants should walk away with an introduction to a new skill set. (90 minutes)
  • Panel discussions bring together topical experts in a short presentation format followed by a facilitated discussion where participants can explore conference themes in more detail. Participants should come away with a more complete understanding of the topic and associated challenges and opportunities. (90 minutes; 3–6 short presentations followed by discussion)
  • Facilitated Round Tables give participants an opportunity to discuss and provide insights on important conference themes. Participants should be prepared to contribute their expertise on challenging  conference themes that requires input to develop solutions. (90 minutes; one 15-minute presentation followed by facilitated discussion and measurable outcome)

How to Submit an Abstract for Extended Sessions

You must specify if you are submitting an abstract for an Extended Session, please provide the following information:

  1. Proposed session title;
  2. which of the three categories your session fits under;
  3. how much time you are requesting;
  4. detailed session objective(s);
  5. session outcomes; and
  6. Information Technology* needs.

*Conference planners will work to meet IT needs but all requests cannot be guaranteed.

If you are requesting more than 1.5 hours, a detailed timeline will also be required.

All abstracts MUST be received no later than October 8, 2020. Authors will be notified by early December 2020 if they have been accepted to present.

Submit an Extended Session Abstract