NALMS Student Programs

college-1440364Are you a student interested in how the following fields relate to lake and reservoir management?

Biology Ecology Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Engineering Environmental Studies Geology
Geoscience Limnology Natural Resources
Phycology Water Resources Wildlife Management

If so, NALMS Student Programs are for you! Use these links to enhance your education.

Student Membership
Student Travel Grants
Student Mentorship Program
Jody Connor Student Awards

NALMS Student Travel Grants

NALMS awards travel grants so students like you can present results of graduate-level research at our Symposium. You may apply if you are enrolled at a college or university seeking either a Master’s degree or Ph.D., or the equivalent for foreign students.

To be considered for a travel grant…

  1. You must first submit an abstract and be selected to present at the Symposium.
    • Your presentation must highlight research done by you as a student under the direction of a designated professor or advisor.
    • Your research must relate to lake and reservoir management.
    • Please note, your abstract is subject to the same standards used to select all abstracts.
      Click here to submit your abstract
  2. After your abstract is selected you must submit the Student Travel Grant Application by July 15.
    • Please note that when you submit, your application materials become NALMS property and will not be returned.

Here’s how we make our selection:

  1. Our Scholarship Committee will review your travel grant application.
  2. The committee will give your application a number score in four categories, which include:
    • Abstract quality
    • Impact on lake management
    • Strength of recommendation letters
    • and Miscellany like, but not limited to, NALMS membership, prior publications and presentations.
  3. Once your application is scored it will be ranked against other applications.
  4. The Scholarship Committee will consider the following when deciding to ask our Board to support your grant:
    • The availability of funds in the Symposium budget
    • Your application rank
    • The amount of aid you’ve requested
    • The travel distance
    • Your planned mode of transport

Our Distribution & Reimbursement Policy
We use these guidelines when distributing travel grant funds.

  1. Conference Registration: If your application is approved, you will receive a free Symposium registration including meals offered as part of the regular program. We deduct the funds required to cover the cost of free registrations from the amount assigned to student grants within the Symposium budget. We then distribute the remaining funds as student travel grants.
  2. Travel Assistance: If your application is approved, we will reimburse your travel expenses up to the maximum amount awarded to you. You may expense the cost of your hotel room and plane or auto transportation costs. Please note, you must submit receipts as proof of these expenses no later than November 30.
    • Accommodations: We may include a free hotel room for up to three nights as part of your student travel grant. However, NALMS must arrange the reservation. We urge you to accept a double occupancy room, in order to maximize our ability to support as many students as possible. Please note that you may not expense room charges for meals, entertainment or other items unrelated to the Symposium.
    • Transportation: You may expense either coach class airfare – OR – vehicle mileage at the current federal rate, tolls and parking up to $250. If your transportation expenses are more than the amount awarded, you must pay the excess expense. If your transportation expenses are less than the amount awarded, the left over funds will stay in the grant pool and be available for other students.
  3. NALMS Membership: If you are a first-time awardee you will receive a free one-year student membership in NALMS.
  4. Repeat Awards: You may submit only one application each year. However, you may request aid in multiple years if your abstract highlights a different research topic or is a much enhanced version of your prior submission. The Scholarship Committee may consider your prior awards as a factor in the Miscellany category when scoring your application. After you receive your first award you must be a NALMS member to receive further awards.

Click here to submit your travel grant application

NALMS Student Mentorship Programhandshake-communication-1532849

NALMS wants to help you along the way as you work toward your degree, move on from school and start your first job. We want to see you succeed!

Luckily NALMS is full of members that know a bit about success in the lake and reservoir management field. We think connecting with these members and getting engaged with NALMS activities will dramatically increase your chances for success.

That’s where the Student Mentorship Program comes in. This program pairs you with an active NALMS member for one year. During that year you will have access to someone who is familiar with the path you’re on and can help guide along the way.

So, what can a NALMS mentor do for you?

Mentors give you valuable advice and offer new perspectives
A NALMS mentor can help you discover what it takes to get ahead. A mentor is an excellent sounding board for your own ideas and a wellspring of concepts you’ve yet to consider. And your mentor may even help you decide on the best course of action or clue you in on shortcuts to be more effective in your work.

Mentors help you develop your knowledge base and skill set
A NALMS mentor is an invaluable lake and reservoir management resource. A mentor can tell you what you need to know and point you in the right direction when you’re seeking new information or working on new skills. And your mentor may even teach you a thing or two directly.

Mentors help you improve your communication skills and build your network
A NALMS mentor will likely have a different background than you, offering you the chance to hone your ability to “get on the same page” with a diverse audience. A mentor also offers you an opportunity to expand your network of personal and professional contacts. And your mentor can help you find ways to navigate and communicate more effectively with your growing network.

Mentors help you advance your career
A NALMS mentor can help you clarify your eventual career track. A mentor can help you define and target the goals you hope to reach in your career. And your mentor can help you maintain your focus along the way.

Here’s what else you should know…

  • Participating student members will receive a FREE membership through donor support.
  • The mentorship program will also include credits toward certification as a Lake Manager or Professional.

We hope you will consider participating in this exciting program! It’s very easy – just contact the NALMS Student Director for more info.

NALMS Sponsored Student Program

Has the cost of your tuition, books, room and board pushed NALMS Student Membership out of reach?

This program provides students like you with a FREE membership through support from NALMS member donations. And as a sponsored student you will be eligible for the same member benefits as our paid student members.


Are you a College or University student working towards a degree related to lake and reservoir management? Awesome, you’re good to go!
NALMS will award you priority based on the following:

  1. Are you a first time applicant? NALMS gives you top priority. NALMS ranks top priority applicants as first come, first served.
  2. Are you a current student member who has not applied before? NALMS gives you second priority. NALMS ranks second priority applicants by the number of years a member.
  3. Are you a current student member who has received a sponsorship before? NALMS gives you third priority. NALMS ranks third priority applicants by the number of times awarded.

After you apply NALMS will place you on a waiting list until we have reviewed all applications for the period. Please note that your sponsored membership is subject to the availability of donor funds. Your application does not guarantee membership. Please fill out the form below to apply: