Cyanobacteria Bloom Field Sampling

  • Cyanobacteria Bloom Field Sampling


The process of assessing the potential danger of cyanobacteria in a water body includes several steps. Step 1 focuses on how to sample a bloom in the field and preserve samples for analysis.


Step 1 | Bloom Detection  Step 2 | Field Sampling  Step 3 | Identification  Step 4 | Toxin Testing


  Step 2| Field Sampling of Bloom  


Sample to preserve for cyanotoxins

Summary Field Sampling Protocol for microcystin (coming soon)

Site Inspection and Sampling (Chapter 11, Chorus and Bartram, 1999) (coming soon)

Sample to preserve for taste/odor compounds

Field Sampling Protocol for taste/odor compounds (coming soon)

Standard Methods: Sample collection for individual volatile organic compounds, Section 6010B (coming soon)

Sample for taxonomic identification

Proposed Field Sampling/Preservation Protocol for Algal Identification- Determination of Cyanobacteria in the Lab (Chapter 12, Chorus and Bartram, 1999) (coming soon)

PhycoTech’s protocol, but a solid, general approach (coming soon)

Greenwater Laboratory Sampling Protocol (coming soon)