Toxin Risk – Tools for Warning

  • Toxin Risk – Tools for Warning | NALMS LakeLine Summer 20178
  • Increased frequency and severity of cyanobacterial blooms suggests that toxins are a threat that must be taken seriously. However, not all cyanobacteria are toxic – so how can we know which blooms pose a health risk? We developed both now-casting and forecasting approaches based on a nine-year data set of microcystin concentrations collected biweekly from Buffalo Pound during summer months.

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TITLE  |  Toxin Risk – Tools for Warning
LOCATION  |  Buffalo Pond, Saskatchewan, CAN
SOURCE  |  LakeLine 39:2, Summer 2019, pp. 24-27
AUTHORS  |  Helen M. Baulch, Alyse Kambeitz, Michael Kehoe, and Peter R. Leavitt