Interactive Cyanobacteria Story Maps released by NALMS

  • Cyanobacteria Resources of North America Story Map released by NALMS

NALMS interactive Story Maps help people discover cyanobacteria resources, projects, and stories across North America

NALMS is happy to announce the release of two interactive Story Maps related to cyanobacteria, the Cyanobacteria Resources Story Map and the Inland HABs Program StoryMap.

No, it’s not a typo – the first one is a Story Map, the second a StoryMap. If you really want to know why, please email or tweet Shane Bradt.


Cyanobacteria Resources of North America Story Map released by NALMS


The NALMS Cyanobacteria Resources Story Map makes it easy to find public resources to deal with cyanobacteria in a specific region, provides access to a range of stories of how people are studying, managing and communicating about cyanobacteria, and serves as a discovery tool for ongoing regional and national projects related to cyanobacteria taking place in North America.

The Story Map features:

  • Cyanos by Region | all cyanobacteria resources for a region
  • Report a Bloom | reporting methods for a region
  • Bloom Maps and Advisories | maps/advisories for a region
  • Projects | cyanobacteria efforts on a regional or national scale.
  • Stories | tales of addressing and managing cyanobacteria
  • Map Tips | guidance on the basic features of this map

This Story Map can be found in a number of places embedded in the NALMS website, including on the NALMS Inland HABs Resources webpage and the NALMS Inland HABs Stories webpage.

The Cyanobacteria Resources Story Map can and will be updated over time! While NALMS has attempted to map all relevant cyanobacteria resources, we realize that we have likely missed a few things and may have made a few mistakes. To get things started, our stories section currently features articles from the four most recent HAB-dedicated issues of LakeLine. Over time, the stories section will be updated with features based on the experiences of NALMS members and non-members alike.

Please get in touch with NALMS you know of resources we missed for your region, or see adjustments that should be made on we already have posted, or are willing to share your experience in dealing with cyanobacteria in your lake or region.


NALMS Inland HABs Program StoryMap


The NALMS Inland HABs Program StoryMap is based on the newest StoryMap template from Esri, which will provide ever increasing  flexibility to educate and engage with people about applied research and education related to cyanobacteria. The StoryMap currently features the entire Cyanobacteria Resources Story Map, information about the NALMS Inland HABs Program, the descriptions of and links to other NALMS resources and programs. Over time, the StoryMap will contain more information about cyanobacteria and links to relevant resources on the NALMS website.




Questions about the new HABs webpages or Story Maps?

Get in touch with Shane Bradt by email or tweet.