2023 LaBounty Best Paper Award Nominees

The Jim LaBounty Best Paper Award, established in 2003, is given annually to recognize and honor the best paper published in the Lake and Reservoir Management journal. Nine papers were nominated for the 2023 award and the award went to a paper by Elizabeth Favot and colleagues. All of the nominated papers are available to subscribers and several are available through open access.

Cyanobacterial blooms in Ontario, Canada: continued increase in reports through the 21st century.
Elizabeth J. Favot, Claire Holeton, Anna M. DeSellas and Andrew M. Paterson. 2023. LRM 39(1).
Winner — Open Access

Effect of alternative regional urban growth scenarios on a major urban lake.
Laura Costadone & Mark D. Sytsma. 2022. LRM 38(3).

Effects of ultrasonic algal control devices on fish.
Rodman G. Getchell, Ellen George, Aaron N. Rice, Joseph M. Malatos, Brian M. Chambers, Ana Griefen, Chuck Nieder, and Lars G. Rudstam. 2022. LRM 38(3).

Hypolimnetic oxygenation 6. Improvement in fisheries, hydropower, and drought management with costs of installation and operation in Camanche Reservoir, California, United States.
Alex J. Horne and William K. Faisst. 2022. LRM 38(3).
Open Access

Limnological characteristics of Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri, USA): long-term assessment following formation of a reservoir series.
John R. Jones, Daniel V. Obrecht, and Anthony P. Thorpe. 2022. LRM 38(4).

An evaluation of spectral fluorometer for monitoring chlorophyll a in New York State lakes.
A. R. Prestigiacomo, S. G. June, R. M. Gorney, A. J. Smith and A. C. Clinkhammer. 2022. LRM 38(4).
Open Access

Local flushing time and its relationship to reservoir eutrophication in Xiangxi Bay, China.
Qian Zhao, Jingqiao Mao, Haibin Cai and Huichao Dai. 2023. LRM 39(1).

Synoptic snapshots: monitoring lake water quality over 4 decades in an urbanizing region.
C. Doucet, L. Johnston, A. Hiscock, T. Bermarija, M. Hammond, B. Holmes, T. Smith, B. Lalonde, D. Parent, C. Deacoff, R. Scott, J. Kurek and R. Jamieson.2023. LRM 39(2).

Assessment indices of littoral habitat condition for lakes in Maine and New England, United States.
Jeremy Deeds, Aria Amirbahman, Kirsten Hugger, Philip R. Kaufmann, Leslie J. Matthews, Kellie Merrell, and Stephen A. Norton. 2023. LRM 39(2).