World Water Day 2021

What is World Water Day?

World Water Day, held on 22 March every year since 1993, is an annual United Nations Observance focusing on the importance of freshwater.

Questions to consider this World Water Day:

  1. What does water mean to you?
  2. Why is water important to you?
  3. How does water affect females and males differently?
  4. How does water play a role in your cultural practices?
  5. What role does water play in your home, workplace or school?
  6. What role will water play in your future?
  7. What would you change about water in your area?
  8. What do you use the most water for?
  9. How does water affect the food you eat?

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A Note From Our President

The theme for this year’s World Water Day event is “Valuing Water.” Within the NALMS community, it’s not hard to come up with reasons why water — and especially lakes — are important to us. Perhaps you have a favorite lake where family gathers in the summer or you go for rest, relaxation and recreation. Maybe the source of your drinking water is a nearby lake. For those of us working in the lake science and management field, lakes are our livelihood. For some, lakes are even considered sacred or important cultural resources.

I invite you to join with me in adding your voice to the conversation about what water means to you. Share your stories, thoughts and feelings about water (and lakes, in particular) via social media. Tag your posts with #WorldWaterDay and #Water2me and mention NALMS to help raise awareness about the value of water and the work we are doing to manage and protect lakes.

Lisa Borre, NALMS President