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Take the 2017 SDI Participant Survey!

YOU'RE INVITED to tell us what you think by taking a survey (11 multiple choice questions & 2 comment boxes)! Identification and prioritization of improvements depends on your feedback.   THANK YOU for your interest and participation in past Secchi Dip-In activities! Your participation gathering water transparency measurements is an invaluable part of the effort to monitor lakes around the world.

NPR’s Here & Now Highlighted National Lake Appreciation Month

Steve Lundt, a Water Quality Scientist (Metro Wastewater Reclamation District in Colorado, USA) and a NALMS Certified Lake Manager (CLM), participated in an NPR Here & Now segment (aired around 1:45 pm on July 13th, 2017) highlighting National Lake Appreciation Month & the Secchi Dip-In!   If you'd like to hear audio from the segment (approximately 9 minutes, 18 seconds), visit http://www.wbur.org/hereandnow/2017/07/13/favorite-lakes   The photo of the Secchi disk used on the segment's website was provided by current Secchi Dip-In Program intern, Vanessa Snyder.

NOTICE: Website Data Submission Temporarily Unavailable

Hello Secchi Dip-In Volunteers,   Thank you to all volunteers who alerted us about issues submitting data via the Secchi Dip-In website! Late Monday evening, it was determined all accounts are currently unable to submit data to the Secchi Dip-In website. The company managing our website-database interface has been contacted and we are waiting for a response.   Currently, three options exist for data submission: Sign up for and submit your information using the GLEON Lake Observer App. Training videos for downloading and using the app to submit data to the Secchi Dip-In can be found at https://www.lakeobserver.org/guide. ...

RELEASED: Step-By-Step Guide for Data Submission

Data-Submission FAQ   A step-by-step guide for data submission has been posted!  The guide can be found on the Participate page and screen shots are included to make the data-submission process (via the Secchi Dip-In Website) as painless as possible.   You may also submit data while in the field, via the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network’s (GLEON) Lake Observer App. Lake Observer provides video guides for using the Lake Observer App.  Please, submit via the app or the Secchi Dip-In website, not both!   Questions and comments are always welcome. E-mail secchidipin@nalms.org.