Student Video Series: Macrophytes

Request for NALMS Student Video Series: “Macrophytes”

NALMS is seeking student-produced videos related to “Macrophytes” for inclusion in the video series hosted on the NALMS YouTube channel and website.

In addition to the basic requirements (which can be found in the Video Evaluation Rubric), this video must also cover:

  • Explanation of major macrophyte groups (free-floating, rooted, emergent, etc.)
  • Role of macrophytes (or a particular macrophyte) in structuring habitat in lake ecosystems
  • Explanation of macrophyte collection and identification
  • Appropriate tools for control or removal of nuisance macrophytes
  • Positive and negative effects of macrophyte removal in lakes and reservoirs

You can cover these items through a general overview or specific examples but need to be consistent. If you choose to give a general overview for #2, you need to do so for #2-5. If you choose to use a specific example (e.g., Eurasian watermilfoil), #3-5 need to cover the same organism. For example, you cannot use Eurasian watermilfoil for #3 and starry stonewort for #4. Site-specific case studies (e.g., Eurasian watermilfoil in Lake X) are appropriate as long as their limitation (i.e., what works in Lake X may not work in other systems) are made clear to the general audience.

DEADLINE for video submissions – July 1, 2017.

Interested in learning more?  Visit the Student Video Series webpage.