LakeLine 26-4: Dredging


This issue focuses on dredging. Of all the lake management procedures available to lake managers, dredging is one of the most invasive and longer-term treatments considered.

How many of us have been treated or been operated on for health reasons? Although not always a completely valid comparison, many times lake management activities are compared to health care actions. Aquatic plant harvesting may be compared to a haircut. Chemical treatment may be compared to using prescription medicine.

Accordingly, dredging is compared to invasive surgery. With any invasive surgery procedure, one recognizes that there will be unavoidable damage. A scalpel will cut through tissue, bleeding will occur, and a body part may be removed or repaired, stitches close the wound. Invasive surgery also comes with risks of causing more damage and health complications. But like successful surgery, a successful dredging project can restore a number of healthy lake functions.

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