President’s Message — July / August 2019

Sara Peel, NALMS President

As we start wrapping up summer sampling, NALMS encourages you to consider joining one of our committees to fill your fall free time! NALMS committees and programs have been active this year – read on to learn more.

Development: Ellen Preece and Lisa Borre and the development committee are putting the final touches on NALMS’ inaugural development plan. The plan details the future development goals for NALMS including on-going efforts to increase funding for Secchi Dip-In expansion, Lakes Appreciation Month, and student programs including travel grants to the annual symposium. Once approved at this year’s annual board meeting, the development committee will shift their focus towards implementing a revamped end-of-year giving program; rolling out options for monthly donations and donations when membership renewals occur; and focusing on identifying, applying for and winning grant-based projects to augment and expand programming.

Secchi Dip-In and Lakes Appreciation Month: The Dip-In/LAM program recently completed a successful summer celebration with more than 17 states and provinces declaring July Lakes Appreciation Month and more than 500 submissions to the Dip-In! Additionally, the dip-in program is diligently working with the Oklahoma Water Resources Board and Gold Systems to revamp and renew the Dip-In database so that data will be AQMS ready. Education and outreach highlighting the revamp and rolling out the database for data entry will occur next year. Additionally, next year’s 40th anniversary celebration of NALMS will likely include a Dip-In/Lakes Appreciation Month Focus!

Education and Outreach: The Education and Outreach committee are working to revamp their education plan and will roll this out at the 2019 Burlington Conference. Jump into this committee and identify a specific outreach piece upon which you can focus.

The Professional Certification Program focused their efforts on revamping the CEU program, 3+ policies are in draft format and will be rolled out in the next year and the ethics committee will highlight their professional ethics statement at the Burlington Symposium. These and other committees highlighted below can use your time, energy and expertise. NALMS encourages you to find the best fit for you and volunteer today!