NALMS Featured on LE/AD Podcast

On June 2, 2022, NALMS was proud to take part in the Lakes Education/Action Drive, or LEAD, podcast! This episode was centered around Lakes Appreciation Month and featured one of our longtime volunteers, Steve Lundt.

Steve Lundt, Senior Water Quality Scientist for Metro Water Recovery + NALMS/CLRMA volunteer

Steve is currently serving as the Senior Water Quality Scientist for Metro Water Recovery and has worked on lakes and reservoirs for the past 25 years as a NALMS Certified Lake Manager. Formed in 1961, Metro Water Recovery is the largest wastewater treatment provider in the Rocky Mountain West. He has been on the board of NALMS, the Colorado Lake and Reservoir Management Association (CLRMA), Barr Milton Watershed Association, and other lake related organizations. Besides a background in lake monitoring, Steve has a long background in watershed management, public education, and outreach about water quality topics. He has been a NALMS member for many years and served in various capacities, including as a past Program Lead for Lakes Appreciation Month.

Lakes Education/Action Drive is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the natural beauty and quality of lakes in Polk County, Florida. Established in 1985, LE/AD has taken an active role in the pursuit to preserve our lakes and environmental resources. In addition, LE/AD encourages residents to take advantage of the many excellent opportunities our lakes provide.

This episode of the podcast discusses:

  • The origin of Lakes Appreciation Month
  • How Lakes Appreciation Month has made an impact
  • What lake residents and visitors can do to make a positive impact and improve lake health
  • Available resources to help educate the public and lake residents on the importance of water quality
  • The Show Your Lakes Appreciation social media challenge and Polk County’s lake selfie challenge


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