NALMS Recertification Application

Please read the following carefully:

NCEU Credits

  • You must acquire 50 NALMS Continuing Education Credits (NCEUs) credits over a 3-year period to maintain certification.

Download the NCEU Form

Click here to download an example NCEU form.

Supplemental Materials

As part of this application you will be required to upload your supporting documents. The file size limit is 10 MB total – please convert all files to low/medium resolution PDF so that they meet the 10 MB limit per applicant.

Required for all:

  • Current resume (2 pages maximum)
  • Completed NCEU form with (estimated) NCEUs for each item

Required if claiming NCEUs in categories that require submission of supporting documents (see the “notes” column in the NCEU form):

  • Certificates of completion for courses, workshops, etc. Add a separate course/workshop description and the contact hours if they are not evident in the certificates.
  • Copies of peer-reviewed journal articles except for those in Lake and Reservoir Management (copy URL onto the NCEU form instead if it is an open-access article)
  • Copies of official reports and other publications (minimal requirement: equivalent to a typical LakeLine article in quality and length)
    • For documents exceeding 10 pages, include only the table of contents and the executory summary. PCP will request the entire document if deemed necessary during evaluation.
    • Documents that are publicly available online should be included as a URL in the NCEU form instead.
  • Supporting document(s) for participation in lake management permitting effort
  • Supporting document(s) for participation in an appointed task force or committee

Recertification Fee

The current recertification fee is US$80. You may pay by check or use our online payment gateway. If you pay by check, the payment receipt will be acknowledged by NALMS via email.