Professional Certification Seal Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The seal can only be used by members in good standing who are currently certified as a LMT, LMA, or CLM.

Use of the seal is protected under the rules of NALMS. Use of the seal is a privilege that can be revoked by NALMS if used in an unethical and/or unprofessional manner. Any alteration of the original Seal design as issued by the NALMS Office, including but not limited to addition of words (e.g., company names) or colors, is strictly prohibited. In case of name changes, the NALMS Office will issue a new electronic Seal free of charge upon request.

Seal Meaning: Use of the Seal indicates that the LMT, LMA, or CLM takes professional responsibility for the work and that, to the best of his or her knowledge and ability, the work has been prepared in a manner using the normal and customary standards of practice.

General Rules

  • When used in official documents (e.g., proposals and contracts), the Seal shall always be signed, dated and accompanied by the expiration date of the current certification.
  • When used in business cards, brochures, flyers, etc. and on web pages, the Seal shall be displayed prominently and its details (e.g., certification number) clearly legible. The Seal must be removed promptly from such materials upon expiration of the certification or revocation of the Seal usage privilege by NALMS.

Legal Implications

Use of the seal does not imply or attribute any legal liability to NALMS for acts performed by LMTs, LMAs, or CLMs. It confers no duty on NALMS to defend any LMT, LMA, or CLM against any potential legal liability.

If any LMT, LMA, or CLM is negligent, he or she will be solely responsible for defense against the negligence.


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