Publish in the LRM Journal

magicolor_4690MF_120207115925_0001Lake & Reservoir Management (LRM) welcomes manuscript submissions.

For complete details regarding preparation and submission, please use the following resources:

Papers must demonstrate relevance to lake management, integrate findings with current knowledge, apply sound study design and data analysis, and convey an important message clearly and concisely. Case studies that advance the science of lake management or confirm important management concepts are appropriate. Papers on economic, social, regulatory and policy aspects of lake management are also welcome with appropriate supporting data. Literature syntheses and papers developing a conceptual foundation of lake and watershed ecology will be considered for publication, but are not the primary focus of this journal. Shorter notes that add to an important and documented base of knowledge or that convey important early results of long-term studies will also be considered if the contribution is significant. All submissions are subject to peer review to assure uniformity and high quality in materials published by NALMS.

Typical areas of study addressed in LRM papers include:

  • Assessment of lake resources, uses, problems and threats
  • Monitoring methods or programs and their implications for management
  • Ecology and management of invasive species
  • Evaluation of in-lake management approaches and impacts
  • Evaluation of watershed-based management approaches and impacts
  • Social and economic dimensions of lake management