Happy Pride Month from NALMS!

Happy Pride Month from NALMS and the JEDI program!

During Pride Month we celebrate diversity of gender and sexuality within our broader lake management community. The JEDI program recognizes the contributions of LGBTQIA+ members to our society and lake science and offers a safe place for collaboration and to present your research. To ensure inclusivity for all members we have added an option to have pronouns on name tags for the upcoming NALMS Symposium at Lake Erie. If you want to learn more about the JEDI program and upcoming events you can find us here at nalms.org/jedi/.

If you’re interested in sharing your story as a member of NALMS in the LGBTQIA+ community please email us at diversity@nalms.org.

Thank you for being members of NALMS! Please consider donating to the JEDI Program to support JEDI-focused speakers and presenters at our annual conferences, and to offset travel expenses for students to present their work.