Early Career Registration Grants

2024 early career grant applications are due by May 31, 2024!

NALMS awards registration and membership grants to help reduce/eliminate the financial barriers for early career members to attend the NALMS Annual International Symposium and be a member of the Society. At the time of request for an Early Career Registration Grant, an applicant must fit the definition of a NALMS Early Career Member, i.e. < 5 years post-graduation.

To be considered for a registration grant…

  • You must submit a 1-2 page cover letter indicating the following:
    • Why you are interested in attending the NALMS symposium
    • If you are interested in attending the full symposium or for a single day
    • If you have any previous involvement in NALMS, or if not, why you have an interest in getting involved
    • If you have, or are planning to, submit an abstract to present (not required)
    • What your financial barriers to attending the symposium are, if any
  • You must submit your current resume/CV

Please submit these materials to nalms2024@nalms.org by the deadline of May 31, 2024

Here’s how we make our selection:

  • Our Scholarship Committee will review your cover letter and resume/CV
  • The committee will score and rank your application against other applications
  • The committee will consider the following when deciding to ask our Board to support your grant:
    • The availability of funds in the Ann St. Amand Early Career Fund
    • The number of applicants
    • Your application rank
    • The amount of aid you’ve requested (i.e. full registration or single day registration)
  • You will be notified by the end of June if you have or have not received a registration grant

Our Distribution & Reimbursement Policy

We use these guidelines when distributing grant funds.

  • Conference Registration: If your request for funding is approved, you will receive a free NALMS Member Registration or Single Day Registration (if only one-day was requested), which includes all meals offered as part of the regular program.
  • NALMS Membership: If you are a first-time awardee you will receive a free one-year early career membership in NALMS.
    • As 2024 is the first year this grant is being awarded, all awardees will receive a membership. If you are already a member, your membership will be renewed by one year.
  • Repeat Awards: You may submit only one application each year. However, you may request aid in multiple years. The Scholarship Committee may consider your prior awards as a factor when scoring your application. After you receive your first award you must be a NALMS member to receive further awards.