LakeLine 38-2: National Lakes Assessment


Every five years, for a few rounds now, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been implementing the massive undertaking of assessing our nation’s lakes. Be they large or small, tucked away or right in the middle of a thickly populated area, numerous lakes in each state across the country are the subject of intensified scrutiny every five years. The data gathered from these studies provide us with a national “state of the lakes” and allows for compelling trends in lake health to be elucidated. The articles contained in this issue are derived from individuals who utilize the data from EPA’s National Lakes Assessment (NLA) to enhance their understanding of what is happening across ecoregions, within watersheds, and within individual and groups of lakes. Most of the articles were generated from presentations given at the October 2017 Annual Symposium of NALMS, and are printed here to allow for expanded transmission of these data and findings. Much of the studies are based on data from the 2007 and 2012 NLA rounds and data from the 2017 NLA are still being analyzed.

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