LakeLine Call for Articles

We’re looking for articles to fill the summer and fall issues of LakeLine, based on the themes summarized below:

Summer 2020: Back to Basics – This issue will cover a variety of topics related to the basics of lake and watershed management, function, biology/ecology, etc., to be a resource for our lake and watershed association members of NALMS. Topics could include basics of limnology, basics of watersheds and watershed management, functions and activities of lake and/or watershed associations, an article on common issues of concern for lake and watershed residents/members, and more.

Fall 2020:  NALMS at 40 – This issue will include some articles related to the evolution of NALMS and lake management over the last 40 years. We would like to include an array of personal stories from members of NALMS (both long-time and new) about what NALMS means to them. Articles on the evolution of lake management, and in particular some articles on how federal Section 314 funding was useful in the past, and the gaps it left behind when funding for that program was terminated. How did you adapt, or not adapt to that loss of funding on the state level? Case studies, data driven information, and/or anecdotal information is all useful. Also, it would be nice to have some short articles on how NALMS could and should grow and evolve for the next forty years (what do we do well, what do we need to tweak or add).

Articles for either issue can be emailed to Amy Smagula, LakeLine Editor at The deadline for the summer articles is May 31, and the deadline for the fall issue is August 31. Please shoot me an email and tell me if you plan to contribute, so I can set a placeholder for your article.