LaBounty Best Paper Award Nominated Papers Available Through Open Access

The papers nominated for the Jim LaBounty Best Paper Award in 2020 will be available through open access through the end of March. Normally papers published in the last 3 years are only available by subscription, but as a tribute to the quality of research and importance to the lake management community, these papers are being made freely available for a limited time. The 2020 award went to a collection of three papers by Alex J. Horne and colleagues, but all the nominated papers are worth reading. Included are:

Hypolimnetic oxygenation and aeration in two Midwestern USA reservoirs
David Austin, Roger Scharf, Che-Fei Chen & Jim Bode
Lake and Reservoir Management 35(3): 266–276

As a collection, three papers by Horne and colleagues on hypolimnetic oxygenation (Hypolimnetic oxygenation 1, 2, and 3)

Hypolimnetic oxygenation 1: win–win solution for massive salmonid mortalities in a reservoir tailwater hatchery on the Mokelumne River, California
Alex J. Horne
Lake and Reservoir Management 35(3): 308–322

Hypolimnetic oxygenation 2: oxygen dynamics in a large reservoir with submerged down-flow contact oxygenation (Speece cone)
Alex J. Horne, Rodney Jung, Hubert Lai, Bill Faisst & Marc Beutel
Lake and Reservoir Management 35(3): 323–337

Hypolimnetic oxygenation 3: an engineered switch from eutrophic to a meso-/oligotrophic state in a California reservoir
Alex J. Horne & Marc Beutel
Lake and Reservoir Management 35(3): 338–353

Scientific advances and adaptation strategies for Wisconsin lakes facing climate change
Madeline R. Magee, Catherine L. Hein, Jake R. Walsh, P. Danielle Shannon, M. Jake Vander Zanden, Timothy B. Campbell, Gretchen J. A. Hansen, Jennifer Hauxwell, Gina D. LaLiberte, Timothy P. Parks, Greg G. Sass, Christopher W. Swanston & Maria K. Janowiak
Lake and Reservoir Management 35(4): 364–381

Chemical, biological, and trophic status of temperate lakes can be strongly influenced by the presence of late-glacial marine sediments
Stephen A. Norton, Aria Amirbahman, Linda Bacon, Holly A. Ewing, Martin Novak, Andrea Nurse, Michael Retelle, J. Curt Stager & Martin Yates
Lake and Reservoir Management 36(1): 14–30

Assessing vertical diffusion and cyanobacteria bloom potential in a shallow eutrophic reservoir
Yue Han, Jeremy W. Smithheart, Robyn L. Smyth, Tarek N. Aziz & Daniel R. Obenour
Lake and Reservoir Management 36(2): 169–185

Water-based recreation management: a normative approach to reviewing boating thresholds
Geoffrey Koome Riungu, Jeffrey C. Hallo, Kenneth F. Backman, Matthew Brownlee, J. Adam Beeco & Lincoln R. Larson
Lake and Reservoir Management 36(2): 139–154

A reduction in spring mixing due to road salt runoff entering Mirror Lake (Lake Placid, NY)
Brendan Wiltse, Elizabeth C. Yerger & Corey L. Laxson
Lake and Reservoir Management 36(2): 109–121