Mentor a NALMS Student Member

Over the past few years the number of NALMS student members has dramatically increased. Unfortunately, a number of them do not renew their memberships after they graduate. In an effort to better engage students and encourage their active participation in NALMS and their continued membership as they move out of school and into their fields we have created the NALMS Student Mentorship Program.

We hope you will consider participating in this exciting program! It’s very easy – just fill out the form below.

The goal of the NALMS Student Mentorship Program is to provide students and regular NALMS members a unique way to experience and be involved with NALMS. The mentorship program will pair active NALMS members with NALMS student members for a year.

The student-mentor relationship may involve, but is not limited to:

  • giving and receiving feedback and guidance
  • career development
  • research collaboration
  • and contact with a familiar person at the annual conference.

Each student-mentor relationship will be unique and will depend on the individuals involved. Participation in the mentorship program will include CLM/CLP credits. For NALMS student members, their annual membership fee will be covered through donations. Please contact your regional director for more details.

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