NALMS CEU Guidelines

When course work from a degree program is not enough to meet education requirements for CLM or CLP application you may use approved CEUs among 5 categories (Water Resources (Lake) Science, Watershed (Land) Science, Communications, Business and Management and Policy, Legal and Government). Click here to download our CEU form.

To request approval of CEUs for new certification you must upload detailed support documents as part of your application. To request approval of CEUs for re-certification you need only upload our CEU form. The certification committee will review this form and determine if any further documentation is needed.

For new certification documents may include course or workshop description, a program, a syllabus, and/or copies of materials. Proof of attendance is required. If CEUs have not been pre-assigned, please include enough evidence for us to determine credits. The general guideline is 1.0 CEU for 10 hours of real contact time. We assign CEUs in advance for most NALMS events. Typically a day of Symposium sessions equals 0.2 to 0.4 CEUs while full day workshops receive 0.6 to 0.8 CEUs. CEUs are also pre-assigned as follows:

Service to NALMS or its Affiliates (Annually)

  • Serving on a committee (0.6)
  • Chairing a committee (1.0)
  • Chairing a symposium session of NALMS (0.2)
  • Presenting a paper at a NALMS-sponsored conference (0.4)
  • Serving as a National or Affiliate officer of NALMS (1.0)
  • Teaching a NALMS-approved workshop (0.8)


  • Sole author of a peer-reviewed journal article (1.0)
  • Co-author of a peer-reviewed journal article (0.6)
  • Author of LakeLine article or other approved publication (0.8)

Classroom Education

  • Course work with assigned CEUs (As assigned)
  • Approved workshops (As assigned)
  • Approved symposium sessions (As assigned)

Please note the following restrictions:

  • We do not grant multiple credit for similar publications.
  • You must submit publications for review.
  • You must supply evidence of service achievements for approval.

Looking for continuing education opportunities?

Click here for a calendar of CEU approved courses