[UPDATED] JLRM: COVID-19 Service Update

UPDATE // May 7, 2020

Print and distribution of journals to be resumed from 11th May

We’re delighted to inform you that the print and distribution of our journals will be resumed from 11th May, with the first copies being dispatched by 18th May. We always wanted this to be the shortest pause possible, to avoid disruption to our customers and to support our print & distribution partners.

After the resumption of print services, your members will receive print issues that are part of their subscription, although there may be a delay because some countries are still operating reduced or closed postal services, and international freight carriage is subject to delays and changes to routing at short notice. In the event that airfreight services restart later in the year your members may receive issues out of order, as earlier issues posted by sea might arrive with them after later issues posted by air.

The existing hold on claims remains in place, with an extended claims period (12 months from the date of publication) to allow plenty of time for postal services, institutions and agents to reopen and work through backlogs before claims become valid. All customers now have or can be provided with online access.

The current pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption to the global distribution network. Many countries and regions are under a form of lockdown, with bottlenecks and backlogs at customs and logistics centres. We appreciate your patience at this difficult time, and will keep you posted with latest news and updates.

For further information, please view FAQs.

April 14, 2020

Late last week, the publisher of our publication – Lake and Reservoir Management – provided us with an update regarding the printing of the journal during the coronavirus pandemic.

. . . . . . . . . .

“With great reluctance we have decided to stop printing journals from 10 April until further notice.

We are seeing disruption to the distribution supply chain for printed journals: as of the first week of April the postal services of 42 countries have stopped accepting inward deliveries. In addition, many air mail services in and out of our major print hubs in the UK, US and Singapore are no longer operating due to reduced air freight capacity. Finally, a significant number of institutions we mail journals to are closed for business and are no longer accepting post.

We apologize for how this will have affected you and your members, and want to reassure you that online access to our journal content is not affected. Your journal will continue to publish online according to its usual schedule on our journal platform, Taylor & Francis Online.

We plan to resume printing in May and, at the point we do start to print again, your members will receive the print issues that would have been dispatched during the period in which printing ceased. We will keep the situation under close review, especially with regard to public health concerns, and keep you updated with any changes.

For further information, please view these FAQs.”

. . . . . . . . . .

The next print-version of LRM was expected in June 2020, but may be delayed by this disruption of service. However, as indicated above, online access to journal content will not be affected, and we are moving ahead with planning for the next issue. We appreciate your support as a NALMS member and encourage you to utilize Taylor & Francis Online (member login is required). We sincerely apologize for any possible disruption of service and ask for your patience and understanding at this time.