Jim LaBounty Best Paper Award Nominated Papers Available Without a Subscription for a Limited Time

The papers nominated for the Jim LaBounty Best Paper Award in 2019 will be available for free from January 11, 2020 through the end of February. Normally papers published in the last 3 years are only available by subscription, but as a tribute to the quality of research and importance to the lake management community, these papers are being made freely available for a limited time. The 2019 award went to Radomski and Carlson, but all these these papers are worth a read. Included are:

Anthropogenic activity in the Halifax region, Nova Scotia, Canada, as recorded by bulk geochemistry of lake sediments
Dewey W. Dunnington, Ian S. Spooner, Wendy H. Krkošek, Graham A. Gagnon, R. Jack Cornett, Joshua Kurek, Chris E. White, Ben Misiuk & Drake Tymstra
Lake and Reservoir Management, 34:4, 334-348

Prioritizing lakes for conservation in lake-rich areas
Paul Radomski & Kristin Carlson
Lake and Reservoir Management, 34:4, 401-416

Contrasting histories of microcystin-producing cyanobacteria in two temperate lakes as inferred from quantitative sediment DNA analyses
Shinjini Pilon, Arthur Zastepa, Zofia E. Taranu, Irene Gregory-Eaves, Marianne Racine, Jules M. Blais, Alexandre J. Poulain & Frances R. Pick
Lake and Reservoir Management, 35:1, 102-117

Total phosphorus analyses: is the convenience of automated inline-UV digestion robust enough for freshwater nutrient monitoring?
Andrew W. Child & Barry C. Moore
Lake and Reservoir Management, 35:2, 140-147

To measure chlorophyll or phytoplankton biovolume: an aquatic conundrum with implications for the management of lakes
Daniel E. Canfield Jr., Roger W. Bachmann, Mark V. Hoyer, Liselotte S. Johansson, Martin Søndergaard & Erik Jeppesen
Lake and Reservoir Management, 35:2, 181-192

A novel ecological state at Bear Pond (Adirondack Mountains, NY, USA) following acidification and partial recovery
J. Curt Stager, Brendan Wiltse, Brian F. Cumming, Thomas M. Holsen, Jonathan Stetler, Corey Laxson, Cristina E. Marcillo & Donald F. Charles
Lake and Reservoir Management, 35:2, 208-223,