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North America’s lakes, reservoirs, and watersheds need your support and NALMS can help! Our educational publications and programs offer an excellent first step toward the responsible management and protection of our lakes and reservoirs. NALMS provides information to inform the actions that will positively affect the quality of our lakes, our drinking water and supply, our freshwater fishing industry, recreational opportunities, and tourism industries.

The Lake Givers Club provides a way for individuals and organizations to make a significant contribution towards the management and protection of lakes and reservoirs. Contributions to the Lake Givers Club may be applied in the following ways:

  • NALMS Educational Publications
    • LakeLine Magazine, LRM Journal and other NALMS publications.
  • NALMS Programs
    • Student programs, Certification, Inland HAB program, Lakes Appreciation Month and the Secchi Dip-in.
  • NALMS Operations
    • Office equipment, supplies and expenses

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