Thursday, November 14
3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Agenda subject to change.
Updated 20 September 2019


K1: Monitoring IV – Topics

Moderator: TBD

3:35 Using Advanced Forensic Pollutant Source Identification to Cost-Effectively Protect Our Water Resources
Adam Questad
3:55 Sediment Porewater Collection for Chemical Analyses From Locations With Variable Depth, Water Velocity, and Substrate Type in a Western Watershed
Kate McPeek
4:15 A Collaborative Approach to Upgrading the NALMS Secchi Dip-In Database and Improving Data Flows Using AWQMS and the Lake Observer App
Julie Chambers
4:35 TBD


K2: Fisheries

Moderator: Eric Howe
Lake Champlain Basin Program, Grand Isle, Vermont

3:35 Lake Trout Population Changes and Effects in Contaminant Modeling in the Great Lakes
Andrew Garner
3:55 Effects of Reservoir Operations on the Physical and Biogeochemical Characteristics of Deadwood Reservoir, USA
Clelia Luisa Marti
4:15 Toxic Cyanobacterial Blooms in a Eutrophic Lake:  Evaluating Accumulation of Toxins in Select Fish Species
Natalie Flores
4:35 TBD


K3: None


K4: Paleolimnoloy IV – Biological Response

Moderator: Tom Whitmore
University of South Florida St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Florida

3:35 Historical Productivity in the Great Lakes: Consistency Across Geochemical Indicators
Euan Reavie
3:55 Evaluating the Biological Response of Drinking Water Reservoirs to Lake Recovery Using Invertebrate Abundance and Environmental DNA
Heather McGuire
4:15 Zooplankton Biogeography in Eastern Canada: Influence of Space, Human Activities and Environment
Cindy Paquette
4:35 Assessing Algal Changes in Lake Sediments Across Four Canadian Ecozones as Part of the LakePulse Network
Katherine Griffiths


K5: Modeling II

Moderator: TBD

3:35 Managing Multiple Stressors for Climate Change Mitigation in European Lakes
Bryan Spears
3:55 Relative Impacts of Single and Simultaneous Stressors in Freshwater Food Webs
Jonathan Borrelli
4:15 Effects of Pumped Storage on Two San Diego Reservoirs
Imad Hannoun
4:35 Hydrodynamic Modeling Results Showing the Effects of the Luce Bayou Interbasin Transfer on Salinity in Lake Houston, Texas
Erik Smith