Thursday, November 14
1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Agenda subject to change.
Updated 20 September 2019


J1: Monitoring III – Technologies

Moderator: TBD

1:35 So You Want to Deploy a Lake Monitoring Buoy: Essential Considerations for Successful High Resolution Data Collection
Kiyoko Yokota
1:55 Collecting “More and Better Data” on a Low-Power Budget – Hybridizing Technologies to Maximize Measurement Frequency and Analytic Capabilities at the Edge of Environmental Sensor Networks
Michael Kelly
2:15 Assessing Change in the Overturning Behavior of the Laurentian Great Lakes Using Remotely Sensed Lake Surface Water Temperatures
Cédric Fichot
2:35 Linking Land to Water – Development of the NHDPlus High Resolution and Applications to Estimate Streamflow, Habitat Characteristics, and Water Quality
Stephen Aichele


J2: Sediment Release II

Moderator: Kirsten Nelson
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, Concord, New Hampshire

1:35 Shoreline Erosion and Increased Anoxia in Lakes in New Hampshire and Maine
Melissa Macheras
1:55 Lake Iron Nodules – An “Index Mineral” to Assess the Impact of Sulfate on Surface Water and Sediment Quality Over Time (Pre-1800s to Today) in New England Lakes, Ponds and Rivers
Jonathan Higgins
2:15 Methane Gas and Ebullition From Bottom Sediments of Southern California Lakes
Michael Anderson
2:35 D.O.D. – The Dynamics of Dredging
Jerry Davis


J3: Phosphorus Inactivation IV – Novel Products

Moderator: Dick Osgood
Lake Advocates, Duluth, Minnesota

1:35 Using Aluminum Chlorohydrate (ACH) as a Demonstration Project to Treat an 8 Acre Eutrophic Stormwater Pond in Verona, Wisconsin
Marten Cieslik
1:55 Aqual – P®: A Nutrient Inactivation Technology for PO43- and NH4-N
Patrick Goodwin
2:15 Improving Phosphate Adsorption to Prevent Freshwater Bodies Eutrophication Using a Circular Economy Approach
Carlo Belloni
2:35 Shoreline Stabilization and In-Lake Nutrient Management With Anionic Polyacrylamide
Kyla Iwinski-Wood


J4: Paleolimnology III – Geochemistry

Moderator: Euan Reavie
University of Minnesota Duluth, Duluth, Minnesota

1:35 Sedimentological and Limnological Evolution of a Recreative Lake Located in a Former Asbestos Mining Region: Insights From Paleolimnology
Olivier Jacques
1:55 Establishing the Timing of Stable Pb Deposition in Maritime-Canadian Lakes
Dewey Dunnington
2:15 The Impacts of Acid Deposition and Landscape Re-greening on Organic Carbon Stocks in Sudbury, Ontario Lakes Over the Last ~200 Years: Evidence From Paleolimnology
Andrew Paterson
2:35 Tracking the Long-Term Effects of Metal and Sulfate Deposition From Past Mining Operations on Sedimentary Chironomid and Cladoceran Assemblages
Brigitte Simmatis


J5: Modeling I

Moderator: TBD

1:35 Monitoring and Calibration of a Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model for Lake Arrowhead, California, Prior to Initiating Indirect Potable Reuse Through Surface Water Augmentation
Imad Hannoun
1:55 The Impact of Weather Model Resolution on a Hydrodynamic Model of Lake George
Guillaume Auger
2:15 Simulating the Effects of Destratification System Expansion Using Coupled Bubble-Plume and Water-Quality Models
Kevin Bierlein
2:35 Combining Waterbody Morphometry With Estimates of Nutrient Loading and Flushing Rate to Examine Lake and Reservoir Susceptibility to Eutrophication
Reed Green